Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shocking Halloween Poses

blood red tulips ground cover
The moon of Halloween night is coming and the blood red of the moon is turning everything it touches blood red. The tulips are dying because of it, their stems are dried blood and little blood is left in the flower hence it's color! This ground cover is one prim and is yes mod, yes copy, no trans. This way you can make multiple copies and make it as big or small as you would like!

creepy tree stump
The creepy tree stump starts out as an innocent charred wood poseball (guess that should be warning enough!) sitting there in the dark waiting for an unsuspecting petite avatar to come and sit on it! Too late the avie finds out that it's not what it seem out pops the stump, but with it is a pike goring the visitor through the head and chest!

This pose is has six (6) prims and is no mod, yes copy, and no trans. It also comes with a copy of the blood red tulips ground cover (above), a free gift for your purchase! Making the total prim count seven (7). This innocent pose ball only wants to complete your Halloween! Drop by the SL Marketplace and get yours today!

spooky tree stump
This tree stump is a different pose/sit then the creepy tree stump although it does share some of the same characteristics such as the initial pose is an innocent poseball just waiting for the unsuspecting avatar to come and sit down on it!

As quickly as the tree stump appears so too does the pike, but this time it gores you through the stomach disemboweling your avatar! This build is also six (6) prims, seven (7) with the blood red tulips ground cover (free in this package!) This pose is no mod, yes copy, no trans. This pose will complete any Halloween decorating that you do for your haunted home for this wonderful holiday!

creepy and spooky tree stumps
If you like the description of the creepy and spooky tree stumps above, then this boxed combo is what you are looking for because it comes with both of the tree stumps described above and the blood red tulips ground cover free with this purchase! A thank you for your purchase!

These poses are no mod, yes copy, no trans. The total prims in this box is 13 if you use all the items other wise it will vary from 1 to 7 or 8, depending the the combo you use from the box! All the static poses are made by me as well as the sculpted spear coming through your friends tiny bodies!

As always you can come inworld to visit the demo area (I will be adding a purchase display shortly!) However, until that time, you can always purchase on the SL Marketplace!