Monday, June 8, 2015

Valkyrie and the Alien Fountain

valkyrie and the alien fountain
The valkyrie and the alien fountain is set in gothic red and purple marble. It holds a valkyrie stabbing the alien on the top of her sword. They are frozen for all eternity locked in combat over the dragon eyed gemstone that sits between the two. Water springs forth eternal between these two creatures forever keeping them, holding them to where they are frozen never letting them go. 

The dragon eye gemstone rotates and you can hear the dulcet splashing of the fountain water as these two bronzed figures adds elegance to your garden. This build is partial mesh and has 11 prims. The permissions on this fountain is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer.

Wild One's Fountain

wild one's fountain
Summer is here and so is the enchantment of home and garden for petite avatar's newest fountain, the wild ones. The wild ones are female crystal statues frozen in time as they stare at the dragon's eye gemstones that they are holding. The gemstones rotate within the girl's hands. If the girls would just look down they would see the bigger gemstone hidden between them, but their backs are to it. This gemstone rotates as well.

cream crystal wild one
One girl is carved from blue crystal and the other a cream. The girls stand in a Gothic marble basin that is blueish-red. There are water sounds that will add to the serenity of your garden. The build is 16 prims and is partial mesh. The permissions are yes, copy, no mod, no transfer. 

If you are looking for wild, otherworldly then this is the fountain for you!