Friday, July 4, 2008

Successful Opening

To all our VIPs, Guests, Masters, Mistresses, subs, slaves, and pets, thank you for making our opening a grand success! I am happy to report that we clogged the sim to overflowing last night, unfortunately we some of our VIPs and guests did not make it to the sim before it closed to traffic. I hope that you will come by and visit on a night that the sim is open to traffic so we can close it one more time!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gala Opening of the House of Lords BDSM Club

The House of Lords BDSM Club owned by Master Papo Lungu is officially opening on Thursday, July 3 from 5-7 p.m., SLT it is an open invitation to anyone interested in a gothic BDSM Club that is situated on the Isle of Atlantis, which is a volatile volcano in the middle mountain on this little Isle.

The Club features house music when the DJ's are not streaming rock and roll or whatever is requested by our guests and is located on the main floor of the House of Lords Castle. In the gallery above the dance floor is a shopping area so you can shop and dance at the same time!

The dungeons are on the lowest level accessible by stairs or teleporter. The dungeons are separated into two, one being the main play area where not so hard core toys are kept. The other area is where the harder core BDSM toys are stored, separated by a hidden wall. The artwork is on loan from Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery.

On the third floor of the Castle is where the themed rooms are located. We have an Egyptian room that features a bed, throne, and guest chairs made by Exquisite Furnishings. The next room over is the Vampire room featuring the gothic artwork of Outlaw Trading Company also on loan from the Museum.

Outside of these rooms, is a cuddle nook that has contemporary gothic furniture and more vampire artwork. There are four towers on this castle that have been converted into private dance and cuddle areas.

Outside of the castle is the courtyard that seems to have a storm brewing but not quite raining on our parade, featuring 18 stalls for rent by vendors along with the new and improved home of Exquisite Furnishings. If you walk out the courtyard gates, which squeek on their rusty hinges you may observe the river of lava flowing down the mountain and into the sea. On one side is Anarchy Weapons and across the bridge is our sandbox which allows for battle and building all items are returned in five minutes, but this allows you to experiment with the new weapons you just purchased at the store or you can teleport in friends and have a battle royal.

As with many Clubs there are rules, however Master Lungu has only one: respect the collar and those who wear them and have lots of fun at the Club.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to the House of Lords BDSM Club

This week we will be opening the House of Lords BDSM Club. It features a huge dance floor, dungeon, private themed rooms that are available to all at no charge.

In the courtyard are where our main vendors will be located. We hope to see you at the club in the very near future!!

Closure of the Shopping Centre

The time has come to close the shopping centre, however, we are moving to a better local and fantastic atmosphere where we will be rocking out at the House of Lords BDSM Club. The stalls are in the courtyard for rent and we are inviting all of our previous vendors to come and rent from us.

We will be offering a compensation package to those who are with us currently to make up for the inconvenience of having to move. IM Atlantis Jewell for information on this package.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Exquisite Furnishings Annouces New Animations for Its Beds

Master Builder Papo Lungu is very happy to announce that there are new animations in his beds featuring threesome and foursome animations for the discerning customer.

These new poses are in his new Egyptian bed but will be made available in all the beds eventually. These new animations add more options to your menu then ever before.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Deluxe Black Onyx Boudoir Silk

There is nothing sexier then a silk that falls properly around your body. This silk is the highest prim outfit that Atlantis Jewell Creations has made to date. Each of the onyx gemstones have been placed by hand making up the nipple cups, prim belt, prim undies, arm bracelets, and thigh bracelets. This outfit has over 350 prims and is only transfer. Normally my outfits are modify, however, with the intricate parts on the prim belt and undies, I felt that this outfit could be too easily messed up. I am happy to make adjustments for you since these outfits are only transferable, you can hand me the silk, and I can rezz it and then fit it to your body. IM me for this service.

I must expound on the prim panties. I have been unable to give my customers the option of clothing removal by rip scripts until now. The prim panties have the rip script, so that you significant other may either slip them off of you or rip them off, depending on the desire of the moment.

This silk also features a lovely bracelet and ring. The bracelet is spiral and has onyx strips across the spirals. The ring is worn on the right index finger. It too is spiral and has onyx stones on it. The onyx gemstones are set in platinum and only the bracelet has bling. The earrings are a double drop of onyx gemstones cupped by a shell of platinum, and connected with wire of platinum, these are put into your ears with a a fishhook earring hook.

The silk also features a strip of onyx stones, from the belly button down to the panties connected with a platinum wire strung through the gemstones.

The prim belt and panties are "hooked" together with a wire of platinum, however, because the prim panties have 172 prims and the prim belt has 131 prims these items could not be linked together because Linden Labs only allows us to link a maximum of 256 prim together at one time.

This boudoir silk is a lovely silk and it has three clothing removal points making it a deluxe silk and only L$500. This silk is available to purchase at the store and on the SLX.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Star Sapphire Silk

The Star Sapphire Silk is newest deluxe silk added to my collar friendly collection of silks at Atlantis Jewell Creations. This silk features Star Sapphire gemstone and royal blue silk set in platinum precious metal.

Additionally, this silk features a ring and four-ring platinum bracelet with nanoprim Star Sapphires crossing the bracelet rings.

This is also the first time that a veil has been offered with the silk. The veil is attached to the mouth and features a platinum chain that crosses the head and at th top three Star Sapphire gemstones twinkle. The veil, skirt, and bra are the clothing removal points on this silk. In addition to the clothing described above the Star Sapphire also comes with armbands, earrings, and undies.

This silk is sold for L$500.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Special Edition Silk for the Relay for Life Fund Raising

Purple Passion Silk is a luxurious silk that has been designed specially for the Relay for Life. In order to purchase this silk you must pay the Relay for Life kiosk that is sitting below the picture of this silk. This silk has rip off scripts and is a Deluxe Silk that I am selling for L$250 which is half of what it normally sells for and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Relay for Life. Put your money in the kiosk and you will automatically receive the silk once the donation is received.

The silk features a hair bow, ring, earrings, as well as armbands, thigh bands, anklets, and undies. The silk is a fantastic royal purple and features Violet Sapphires for the gemstone for this outfit.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thrones for a Master and a Mistress

Thrones for a Master and a Mistress have been custom built for a customer! The detail of the inlaid gold and the rich fabric make these thrones beautiful to behold. The insets of the tops of the thrones feature snapshots of the bling, the glitter, the subtle beauty of this build!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate Collar Friendly Silks

The Jewel of Atlantis has its Ultimate Silks Line of silks! There are several types of silks available for purchase. All silks belonging to the Atlantis Jewell Creations are ALL collar friendly. If you wear a BDSM/Gorean collar, your "necklace" will not be knocked off when you put on your folder of clothing. The two types of collar attachments for our "choker" is either worn on the spine or chest.

When you purchase or are given a collar, the default placement for the collar is the spine. Armed with this information Atlantis Jewell Creations has decided that we will be exclusively offering silks exclusively for spine attachments. This means that when purchasing our silks you will never have an attachment on the spine. This will be free at all times as the creator, Atlantis Jewell wears her collar on her spine and is endeavoring to make clothing, collar wearing friendly!!

There are three lines of silks currently available for purchase, the Basic Line of silks for L$125 this line is the only line that has an attachment some silks if you wear your collar on your chest. However, Ms. Jewell welcomes custom orders for those of you who wish to purchase chest friendly silks.

The detail on the Basic Silks are fabulous and textures rich as you can see from the picture on the left. All Basic Silks are Mod/Trans and no copy. The basic line also features Mega-Packs of these silks if you like all of the colors then the mega-packs are for you. These are offered for the spine and chest attachments.

The next step up from the basic line of silks are the rip off silks that can be removed with two rips. These silks sell for L$250. The placement of these silks are only on the spine. We will change them to chest placements for an additional L$50. These silks come in three different lace textures and colors at the present moment. However new designs are being made constantly so if you wish a certain texture is unavailable IM Atlantis Jewell and place a custom order. These silks are also mod/trans and no copy. The two rip off silks are a completely different style in the Basic Line, however, Atlantis Jewell has continued her signature style of adding gemstones to these lovely silks. The lace is delicate and the solid gold armbands offset these pieces, making it scrumptious. The bra is see through so your Master or Mistress can be tantalized by the peek-a-boo play of your nipples. The rip off points are the bra and the skirt.

Next is the Deluxe silks, that have three rip off points. These silks are L$500 and have more attachments and begin featuring lovely rings as an additional piece of beauty for your ensemble. These too, currently come in lace and have lovely gemstones attached to them giving them a rich texture. The rip off points for the Deluxe Silks are the bra, and two skirts. The Deluxe also features hair bows!

The Ultimate Rip Off Silks, features the Ruby Sapphire Silk. The Ultimate Silks take over 12 hours to make. There are nine points that you can remove. There are three skirts that can be worn all at once, without compromising the movement or the spine attachment spot. This silk is made in a luxurious red silk, with Ruby Sapphire precious gemstones. The jewels are attached to various places on the garment. Some spots have a gold spirals hooked onto a solid, gold pyramid and the stone is cradled into the bottom spiral. Additionally, the spirals have silk threaded through them, adding to the beauty of the clothing.

This line now has an additional color the Peach Ssapphire Silk and is featured in platinum. The Ultimate Silks have three skirts, two arm bands, two thigh bands, headband, and a bra that are all rip able and of course, undies, two ankle bracelets, and a chunky jewelled rings. Thankfully all prims when worn on your avatar counts as only one prim! The silks in this line retail for L$1500.

Seeing is believing teleport down to the store, browse and see the beauties for yourselves! The SLurl for the Shopping Centre is:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Master Builder and A Pharoah

His Royal Highness Pharaoh Cyliss Revnik commissioned thrones for Him and His Queen this week and He conferred the honor on Exquisite Furnishing's Master Builder, Papo Lungu.

Mr. Lungu as in the middle of a build and set aside this project to build magnificent, majestic thrones for His Highness and His Queen.

He began by taking a chair, extending the back to be over 15 meters then he opened up his texture files and began sifting through them to decide which ones would be best for an Egyptian Pharaoh. After rejecting several ones that the interruption of the scene was questionable, Mr. Lungu found the Eye of Ra and a Blue Scarab which he chose for the Pharaoh's and His Queen's Throne respectively. He added these symbols to thee top of the thrones he added Egyptian hieroglyphs to the sides of the thrones and inlaid them with gold. On the front backs of the thrones was placed a sheet of gold, at first it was two pieces and in front of this piece was a plush back, matching the red in of the seats of the thrones, but he decided that the velvet back was not necessary to the build and removed it.

The next item built were the huge chucks of gold block underneath the thrones. He experimented with adding bling to the various gold pieces; however, the scripts did not look good. Undeterred he made specially made prims and put the bling scripts in these prims, made them invisible and added them to the points of the arm rests that curve up the back and forward, so if you stare at the thrones long enough you will see a twinkle of bling in two points on both thrones.

He added gold the under-arm rest, which is on top of the wood, he put a red velvet fabric on the seats, and back of the throne with a ribbing on the top of the back of the throne and under the arm rests. Sitting around the Pharaoh's throne are three pads for his slaves or his favorite concubines, the one directly in front of his throne can disappear so that His Highness does not have to walk over it.

Mr. Lungu asked His Highness to come to his workshop to confirm that the direction he took in the build was proper for the Pharaoh's Palace. The only addition to the build was to make His Highness's throne taller by about three additional meters. Mr. Lungu delivered the thrones to the Palace and they were installed on the Sim where they will remain a proper tribute to a Pharaoh whose build will last forever.

Recently, Her Majesty the Queen added gold inlay to the backs of both thrones. The thrones now sit in two areas of the Palace one in the area where the slaves will be auctioned and one in the main party area of the Palace in-between two statues of Anubis and the thrones will not become lost sitting between these towering statues.

The Palace of the Pharaoh is a fantastic build and will be a place of beauty to visit. They have areas where vendors can sell their goods in the slave market, a dance hall, a semi private swimming pool, a special reception area for VIPs, a promenade deck overlooking the main reception hall, and an invisible door that leads the inter-sanctum of the Pharaoh.

There are fantastic statues of the guardians of the Underworld placed in strategic spots all over the palace.

His Highness had this to say about the thrones build by Mr. Lungu: "Extend my offer to your Master as well with my complete satisfaction with his craft." The offer was to return for the grand opening in two weeks time.

This is the first commission handled by Exquisite Furnishings, however, it is my personal opinion that it will not be the last commission that Mr. Lungu will be offered.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Furrs and Purrs

Furrs and Purrs is a maker of sex rugs, furniture, and mirrors and more in Second Life and Ms. Robin1 Jewell has opened up a stall in our Shopping Centre. The rugs are made out of furs, that look inviting and comfortable to snuggle with your sweetie upon.

Hendrik Snook

Scrapoli Reseller of New Fashion and More... is run by Hendrik Snook and he has sexy clothing for the ladies, evening wear for escorts, formal attire, and modern clothing for the women of Second Life.

Again, Fairy grabbed a quality clothier and we are happy to welcome him to the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre.


Bewitched is a division of ShadoWiccan, jointly owned by Wiccan Sojourner and Shadow Wiccan. These two incredible fashionistas of Second Life have rented space from us and is featured: men's and of course lots of clothing for women.

I love Betwiched and ShadoWiccan clothing and have plenty of them in my inventory! Attention to detail and design are incredible along with the rich textures are hallmark of their designs and as a very satisfied customer, feel very fortunate to have them renting space at our Shopping Centre.

Christina Hammerer

Christina Hammerer is an authorized reseller of clothing goods in Second Life they are Sensual Designs, Punk Moller, K&K creations, NAUGHTY NEEDLES to name a few. She won't tell you but she also is beginning to make her own clothing and has a box of her own clothing up at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre.

The items include clothing, boots, shoes, dresses, pants, formal wear, and much, much more!

Fairy Contepomi's Vendors

Not only is Fairy my collar sister, business partner, she also has her own vendors at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre. Her vendors include, ties, clothing, jewelry, and tattoos. She is always on the lookout for people who have vendors under L$100 or free vendors with high commission rates. IM Fairy if you have a vendor that you wish her to display in her store.

In addition to all the above she is also the recruiter for renting our space at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre. All the people who have rented from us, is the results of her very hard work and perseverance. In her cap is Bewitched, Hendrick Snook, Christina Hammerer, Furrs and Purrs, and Butchee Underwood.

IM Fairy if you are looking to rent stall space currently we have five (5) left and they rent for L$125 per week for 50 prims.

Bedlam Weapons

Yes we have two weapons vendors at our mall in Second Life, it is not something that one would want to brag about in Real Life, but in Second Life because it is a game and there are gaming Sims where kill or be killed rules supreme, we have people who sell weapons. And since when you are "killed" you are sent home to your home coordinates in Second Life, no one actually dies!

There are different types of weapons, HUDs based weapons (that are a real pain in the neck if you are hit with them), and security systems here.

Disclaimer: The Jewel of Atlantis is not responsible for the end results if you purchase weapons from the vendors here, remember the TOS rules is what we agree to play by in Second Life so remember to take these weapons to Sims made specifically for this purpose.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Traffic Information at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre

Traffic statistics are the life's blood for any Second Life business, however, the playing field is being evened out between businesses who pay for advertising and those who rely on traffic stats to boost their ratings.

At Atlantis Jewell Creations we are using both blending these methods to boost our traffic. On Sunday our traffic was 2, yesterday 835 and today it is 1638! We anticipate that by the end of the week our traffic will be well over 2,000. This is a good start for a new shopping centre!

Information for vendors: Atlantis Jewell Creations is beginning a major advertising campaigns with the Edge Nightclub to promote the Shopping Mall, the SL Newspaper, and SLUniverise. Please note on the side panel of this blog there is a Traffic information and the date and time of when it was updated!

Meeting My Favorite Second Life Clothing Designer

It was a normal evening in Second Life and my collar sister, Fairy Contepomi and I were discussing who we should drop note card inquiries to regarding vending with us at our new shopping center.

Sunday evening I had attended my first Relay for Life organizational meeting and since I wanted to make an impression I broke out my "Royal Elven" outfit and off I went to the meeting. Monday night, I was still wearing the outfit from Sunday night and when Fairy and I were talking of vendors and who are quality clothing designers in Second Life, I absentmindedly said, "Oh, Fairs, drop a note card to ShadoWiccan and his partner Wiccan Sojourner at should have the LM." I didn't give it another thought as Papi was busy building the Shopping Centre and I was busy moving floral and fauna that my landscaper, Mello Bonetto, had used for my beach home, deciding what to retain and what to return his inventory!!

Sometime, later up pops a name on my radar, Wiccan Sojourner! I was completely stunned!! I sent an instant message to Fairy and shrieked that Ms. Sojourner was at the mall! I welcomed her to the Jewel of Atlantis and said that the buildings would be built by end of the night Tuesday night!!

She said, "Love the outfit!"

I replied, "Thanks, I love your clothes and own quite a few items!! As does my sister Fairy!" We chatted and Fairy teleported to the Shopping Centre and Ms. Wiccan said yes she would be interested in obtaining a vendor and offered me friendship.

In Real Life I was dying to ask her for her autograph!!! It definitely was an OMG; I am meeting Ms. Wiccan Sojourner moment!! Why was this? Two reasons: One I love her clothing! I own lots of Bewitched outfits, making her one of the premier icons in the Second Life Fashion industry hence, in my personal and humble opinion, a Second Life Celebrity!

Two, she and her partner ShadoWiccan were part of the very first wave of Second Life Residents and that means they came into SL when it was truly wobbly and unwieldy (trust me it still is, but much better I am sure!) and they have made our lives in SL better by creating beautiful clothing! When did they come into SL? 2004! Wow, four years old! Here I am excited that I am now 41 days from my first Rezz Day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exquisite Furnishings, by Papo Lungu

It is very important in Second Life to have furniture especially if the furniture has MLP and a sex generator engine. Most anyone can slap some wood together in Second Life, but making it look good and usable is a completely different story.

Second Life resident, Papo Lungu has the talent for making it look delightfully beautiful, inviting, soft, bold, delicate, and stunning. He has beds are fit for kings and queens or Knights in Shining Armor. Chairs that look so comfortable that you just want to curl up in them and read a book; set in front of a cozy, crackling fires, in larger then life fireplaces and rugs that have beautiful designs that makes you want to run barefoot over.

The store has an eclectic collection of modern and old style furniture, and the best is still to be made and designed. This furniture store is the main vendor at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre, Crystal Cove, Second Life.

Atlantis Jewell Creations

Shortly after coming onto the mainland from Orientation Island, I met an explorer, builder, and an ambassador of good will, Mr. Shenn Coleman. His spirit of help, exploring and sharing promotes the tenets that some of the first Second Life Residents promoted and valued. Mr. Coleman is a talented artiste, builder, and is an interesting person to speak with regarding Second Life.

He helped me in the early days of my building of my Museum, and at that time gave me some lovely textures on which said: "Atlantis Jewell Creations." When he gave them to me he said, "My lovely Atlantis, go out and create." Bemused, I thanked him for the lovely textures and put them in my inventory where they would stay for over nine months.

However, recently, I have discovered how to make silks and I have been creating beautiful silks that are BDSM/Gorean collar friendly; meaning that if put on and taken off correctly the silks will never "knock" off your collar.

As a collar wearer, I know how difficult it is to dress in Second Life and depending on the outfit, you may have to forgo wearing a beautiful jacket or coat collar as they are attachments and they are either attached to your spine or chest, where your BDSM/Gorean collar is attached. Most Master's and Mistresses dislike their sub/slaves collars coming off for any reason, however this is most impossible when you are trying to guess what attachment might be attached to your chest or spine.

This dilemma and constant aggravation in regard to a "missing" collar and constant demands from my Master as to why I took off my collar, forced me to learn how to make silks, and the charge from my friend, "Go out and Create" has been realized.

At the Jewel Of Atlantis Shopping Centre, Atlantis Jewell Creations has a store that will sell silks specially made for collar wearers. One line will be for wearers who have their collars attached to their spine and the other line will be for those who wear their collars on their chests.

The line that are for chest collar wearers are being launched first as yours truly wears her collar attached to the chest. The next line of silks will be the spine collar wearers.

Atlantis Jewell Creations signature silk line are the Swirled Gemstone Silks featuring a different gemstone with complimenting silk colors and either Gold or Platinum for the breast plates, armbands, thigh and ankle bands, and earrings.

The Building of a Shopping Centre

What do you need to do in Second Life to build a shopping centre? That is the question that I have been asking myself recently and as I am now 42 days from my first Rezz Day in Second Life, I have finally figured out what I need to do to build a mall.

Over the last year, I have been learning to build, networking, reading, asking questions of residents who have been there and did that, successfully, I might add, and a light bulb came on this week and I am turning my old beach home in to a shopping centre.

The first and foremost is that you have to have land that either is yours, or you have the right to have commercial buildings on it and the Sim Owner's covenant supports business without too many restrictions.

Next you have to build the buildings or go into business with people who know how to build, or hire a builder. So what do you do? The high end builders who can erect a sim in one day commanding top Linden dollars and it is not logical for your first endeavor. That leaves finding a business partner. That can be tricky because I feel you have to get to know the person behind the Avie first and see if they are straight shooters. If you are fortunate enough to find someone who is and they happen to be builders ... all the better and if they aren't builders, ask around in Second Life there are builders who love mentoring and will take time to show you tricks of the trade, the more you build the better you become.

Then you have to find vendors. Again, this comes with networking. One business partner may know this person or that person and they are looking for a vending site for one reason or the other, however, you will definitely want to go out to the big merchants in Second Life and invite them to look at your property and invite them to vend with you.

Now comes the nitty gritty of business that remains the same either in Real Life or in my case Second Life, and that is paperwork, contracts must be drawn up laying out your rules and regulations regarding vendors, rent of your stalls, how many prim is available for rent, setting up payment boxes, and advertising.

As the owner of the shopping area, it is your responsibility to drive up traffic and bring visitors to your area!! How is this done? Advertising. In fact, this week should see Atlantis Jewell Creations launching a huge advertising campaign with the Edge Nightclub. Since I am a writer, I write advertorials for the Second Life Newspaper and some will be going out this week heralding a new shopping area with high quality vendors and vending stalls at a good reasonable price.

In addition to the advertising, you put your place of business in the Classified Ads and on your profiles and that of your business partner's profiles. Each business partner brings in certain qualities to the table, just as in Real Life, one person might have the Lindens to cover the endeavor, another might be fashion savvy and be brilliant in talking to vendors, and another might be a builder or have items they wish to sell!

Personally, I enjoy taking my Second Life and writing about it in Real Life, so you will find articles from almost all my blogs at and you may be featured in one of those articles. (For your convenience, I have put the links to the side of my blogs.)