Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Atlantis Jewell Creations

Shortly after coming onto the mainland from Orientation Island, I met an explorer, builder, and an ambassador of good will, Mr. Shenn Coleman. His spirit of help, exploring and sharing promotes the tenets that some of the first Second Life Residents promoted and valued. Mr. Coleman is a talented artiste, builder, and is an interesting person to speak with regarding Second Life.

He helped me in the early days of my building of my Museum, and at that time gave me some lovely textures on which said: "Atlantis Jewell Creations." When he gave them to me he said, "My lovely Atlantis, go out and create." Bemused, I thanked him for the lovely textures and put them in my inventory where they would stay for over nine months.

However, recently, I have discovered how to make silks and I have been creating beautiful silks that are BDSM/Gorean collar friendly; meaning that if put on and taken off correctly the silks will never "knock" off your collar.

As a collar wearer, I know how difficult it is to dress in Second Life and depending on the outfit, you may have to forgo wearing a beautiful jacket or coat collar as they are attachments and they are either attached to your spine or chest, where your BDSM/Gorean collar is attached. Most Master's and Mistresses dislike their sub/slaves collars coming off for any reason, however this is most impossible when you are trying to guess what attachment might be attached to your chest or spine.

This dilemma and constant aggravation in regard to a "missing" collar and constant demands from my Master as to why I took off my collar, forced me to learn how to make silks, and the charge from my friend, "Go out and Create" has been realized.

At the Jewel Of Atlantis Shopping Centre, Atlantis Jewell Creations has a store that will sell silks specially made for collar wearers. One line will be for wearers who have their collars attached to their spine and the other line will be for those who wear their collars on their chests.

The line that are for chest collar wearers are being launched first as yours truly wears her collar attached to the chest. The next line of silks will be the spine collar wearers.

Atlantis Jewell Creations signature silk line are the Swirled Gemstone Silks featuring a different gemstone with complimenting silk colors and either Gold or Platinum for the breast plates, armbands, thigh and ankle bands, and earrings.

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