Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meeting My Favorite Second Life Clothing Designer

It was a normal evening in Second Life and my collar sister, Fairy Contepomi and I were discussing who we should drop note card inquiries to regarding vending with us at our new shopping center.

Sunday evening I had attended my first Relay for Life organizational meeting and since I wanted to make an impression I broke out my "Royal Elven" outfit and off I went to the meeting. Monday night, I was still wearing the outfit from Sunday night and when Fairy and I were talking of vendors and who are quality clothing designers in Second Life, I absentmindedly said, "Oh, Fairs, drop a note card to ShadoWiccan and his partner Wiccan Sojourner at should have the LM." I didn't give it another thought as Papi was busy building the Shopping Centre and I was busy moving floral and fauna that my landscaper, Mello Bonetto, had used for my beach home, deciding what to retain and what to return his inventory!!

Sometime, later up pops a name on my radar, Wiccan Sojourner! I was completely stunned!! I sent an instant message to Fairy and shrieked that Ms. Sojourner was at the mall! I welcomed her to the Jewel of Atlantis and said that the buildings would be built by end of the night Tuesday night!!

She said, "Love the outfit!"

I replied, "Thanks, I love your clothes and own quite a few items!! As does my sister Fairy!" We chatted and Fairy teleported to the Shopping Centre and Ms. Wiccan said yes she would be interested in obtaining a vendor and offered me friendship.

In Real Life I was dying to ask her for her autograph!!! It definitely was an OMG; I am meeting Ms. Wiccan Sojourner moment!! Why was this? Two reasons: One I love her clothing! I own lots of Bewitched outfits, making her one of the premier icons in the Second Life Fashion industry hence, in my personal and humble opinion, a Second Life Celebrity!

Two, she and her partner ShadoWiccan were part of the very first wave of Second Life Residents and that means they came into SL when it was truly wobbly and unwieldy (trust me it still is, but much better I am sure!) and they have made our lives in SL better by creating beautiful clothing! When did they come into SL? 2004! Wow, four years old! Here I am excited that I am now 41 days from my first Rezz Day!

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