Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fountain of the Gods Collection -- Neptune's Fountain

neptune and his horses
The final installation for the 2016 Valentine's Season is another Fountain of the Gods Fountain with Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, making his debut.

This fountain features Neptune holding his trident standing on some mossy rocks as a fountain jets up behind him and gentle waterfalls fall off the rocks. Neptune is copying his nephew cupid and is peeing in the fountain! This scene wouldn't be complete without his horses and they are running and jumping as if to leap over the side of the pool.

various features of the fountain
An additional piece of fun is that there are three sits with this fountain--one is on the edge of the pool (laying down on the side), the second is on the rocks which Neptune is standing one is lying on the stomach on the mossy rock that juts out from the side between two water falls and the other can be accessed from the slab that Neptune is standing on and the sit is on another mossy rock opposite of the one laying down. Cute places to take pictures, talk to your friends, relax and contemplate your Second Life.

This fountain is made for town squares, mall centers, or a huge garden using this as the main feature. Although this is made for pocket avatars, since this is part of the Fountain of the Gods series, it's bigger than life and is about two pocket avatars in height or maybe three.

This fountain is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is partial mesh and boasts of 77 prims.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Flowers Collection -- Violets and Daisies

This Valentine's Day I want to offer a variety of options to roses and the above picture features yellow, white, and purple violets. The arrangement will look lovely in any garden. Celebrate your sweetheart's uniqueness by giving the gift of violets.

In the spirit of offering flowers other than roses, this season, I've made heart-shaped white daisies...tell her or him that you love them with daisies. Both arrangements are yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is one prim; and they both have hearts pulsing from the center of the hearts, which may be turned on/off with touch. 

And remember that you may gift these through the SLX, but the flowers must be bought as a gift.

Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Flowers Collection -- Tulips

orange tulips
Valentine's Day is almost here and for those of you with sweethearts that do not like roses, but they still want flowers, here is the solutions tulips.

pink tulips
Tulips are beautiful and their colors and dynamic. Give the gift of
white tulips
sweetheart tulips in the shape of a heart. Add a loving touch to your sweethearts garden decor by giving them a tulip flower bed. These tulips are orange and haven't yet bloomed. 

All these floral arrangements are for the outdoors, one prim, yes copy, no mod, no transfer. Remember that you can give the gift directly to your sweetheart by purchasing this as a gift on the SLX. There are four heart-shaped flower arrangements in the tulip collection: orange, yellow, white, and pink.

yellow tulips
Each arrangement have red hearts bursting forth from the center and can be turned on/off with a click.

Give the gift of love and romance with a garden, heart-shaped flowers in tulips.

I wish you and your sweetheart a loving day.

Valentine's Day -- Heart-Shaped Flowers Collection -- Gothic Roses

Gothic red roses
This Valentine's Season offers a new collection of heart-shaped flowers. This post will feature roses.
Gothic red roses style 3
The picture above is Gothic red roses style 2. All the heart-shaped roses are one prim, yes copy, no
Gothic black roses
mod, no transfer. So if you want to give this lovely garden heart to your sweetheart, then please purchase on the SLX as a gift. These roses remind me of the English Roses due to their delicate stems and flowers. Each one of these arrangements have red hearts pulsing from the center of the flower
Gothic pink rose
bed. It is my hope that your Valentine's Day is filled with love, joy, and desire.

red roses with baby's breath
The different styles are the delicate Gothic pink roses at the right. Additionally, there is Gothic black roses, pink (style 2), baby's breath, red roses styles 1 and 3.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Aphrodite and Cupid Fountain -- Fountain of the Gods Collection

blue marble basin - style 1
white, red marble basin
Valentine's Day is close and if you're wondering what to purchase for your petite friends this magnificent Aphrodite and Cupid Fountain will look stunning in your sweetheart's garden. The fountain will make your petite friend feel small because it's an imposing fountain, which is approximately two to three feet taller than a pocket avatar (.38th of a meter). 

valentine heart red basin
Cupid is peeing into the fountain watched over by his mother. There are peeing sounds which may be turned on/off with a click of your mouse. When seen from the side you can see a stream of pee. The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, partial mesh, and has 5 prims. 

If the color blue wouldn't suit your special friend, then this fountain comes in three more colors: red and white marble, solid Valentine heart red, and gray-white marble, which ever you choose the fountain will add elegance to any garden. Say, "I love you" this Valentine's Day with a
gray-white basin
beautiful fountain made for petite avatars.

If you wish to look at this fountain or any of my products before purchasing on the SLX, then send me a notecard inworld and I'll arrange a time to meet you at my sandbox.