Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fountain of the Gods Collection -- Neptune's Fountain

neptune and his horses
The final installation for the 2016 Valentine's Season is another Fountain of the Gods Fountain with Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, making his debut.

This fountain features Neptune holding his trident standing on some mossy rocks as a fountain jets up behind him and gentle waterfalls fall off the rocks. Neptune is copying his nephew cupid and is peeing in the fountain! This scene wouldn't be complete without his horses and they are running and jumping as if to leap over the side of the pool.

various features of the fountain
An additional piece of fun is that there are three sits with this fountain--one is on the edge of the pool (laying down on the side), the second is on the rocks which Neptune is standing one is lying on the stomach on the mossy rock that juts out from the side between two water falls and the other can be accessed from the slab that Neptune is standing on and the sit is on another mossy rock opposite of the one laying down. Cute places to take pictures, talk to your friends, relax and contemplate your Second Life.

This fountain is made for town squares, mall centers, or a huge garden using this as the main feature. Although this is made for pocket avatars, since this is part of the Fountain of the Gods series, it's bigger than life and is about two pocket avatars in height or maybe three.

This fountain is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is partial mesh and boasts of 77 prims.