Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Winter Gazebo Style 3

style 3
This winter gazebo is different from my other two winter gazebo's that started out the winter season. this gazebo's wood is darker, the fabric on the couches are different, and there are pillows on the couches for one of the poses. In the couches, there are two sits per bench. One is laying down, one is sitting up, and one bench has two laying down poses. Inside of the gazebo feature winter potted plants. This building created a great spot for the gathering of family and friends.

exterior (rear view)
The exterior of the gazebo has snow drifts surrounding the sides and rear of the gazebo. Stuck in the snow is winter bushes that have red berries. Icicles surround the entire base of the roof. This winter gazebo will make a great addition to your winter yard.

The gazebo is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and has 51 prims. This build has no mesh component. This gazebo may be purchased on the SLX and is made specifically for pocket avatars. If you would like this to be made in a bigger size, please send me a notecard inworld with this request. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery of the item.
close up of interior