Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Inworld Demo Platforms

For the time being, until I can find a small piece of land to rent, I am unable to provide you with an area to view my builds. However, I am most happy for you to IM me and I can meet you somewhere to show you the item(s) you are interested in. Thanks!

Living Fairy Garden

living fairy garden
This garden is made from enchanted wood. The arches enclose fairy grass, quartz with fairy dust, and toadstools with relaxing animations. This place is refreshing, quiet, enchanted spot where you can relax with four of your friends and share your secrets.

Surrounding this lovely garden are elegant, organic trees with elven lanterns hanging from the limbs. To turn off the lanterns: touch on/off and to turn off the fairy dust, touch on/off. All the candles and fairy dust turns off at once. However, the fairies cannot be turned off!

You can view this lovely garden inworld and now you can purchase it also inworld and as always on the SLX. There are 35 prims in this build!

Easter Floral Arrangements in Easter Vases

mesh daisies and tomato plant in easter vase
Easter table arrangements have taken over my life at home and garden for petite avatars! I thought that if you do not like baskets then putting flowers in to a vase would be a wonderful thing. The mesh daisies and tomato plant are set in a non-traditional Easter vase. The texture is a custom made texture that can only be found at home and garden for petite avatars. This flower arrangement is 20 prims.

toadstools in easter vase
This arrangement has a bit of a mystical quality. There are three toadstools placed in the fairy grass, as if they are hiding a secret. The vase is a traditional Easter texture and is custom made just for you. This floral arrangement will look great on your dinner table or end table of your living room. There are 10 prims in this arrangement. The Easter vases are available on the SLX and inworld on the everyday petite platform.

floxglove in easter vase
Foxglove is a lovely pink flowering plant that is good for your heart! This arrangement comes with a green plant and white flowers. The vase is a traditional Easter pastel colors and icons on the vase. This arrangement is 7 prims. 

easter lilies and eggs in vase

This vase has non-traditional textures, there are lilies and Easter eggs nestled in fairy grass. The lilies are sculpted.

This arrangement has 12 prims.

narcissus with fairy grass in easter vase
Easter would not be complete without the narcissus flower. This flower is one of the first to bloom in the spring. There is fairy grass nestling beside this flower giving it an enchanted quality.

This flower arrangement is sculpted. The vase has non-traditional, custom made textures using traditional Easter pastel colors. There are 13 prims.

narcissus with plants in easter vase

Just in case you do not like fairy grass, I have made a narcissus flower arrangement with a green plant. This comes with a traditional made texture with Easter pastel color choice with traditional easter icons.

This flower arrangement has 11 prims. As with all my hand made items you may purchase them on the SLX or come on inworld and see them in their own setting!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Easter Dinner Tables

couple's easter table
Easter will be here shortly so I am busy helping the Easter Bunny! This table is for a couple who wishes to have intimate time with each other.

The animations are conversation and have smooth, looped movements. This table comes with an Easter egg basket centerpiece, but it is not attached to the table so you have the option of not placing in on the table.

The table is an organic, cherry wood table and this set has 35 prims.

Another table has been prepared for an Easter feast. This feast table has traditional textured chairs and
easter table (traditional)
tablecloth. The texture has the Easter green, yellow, blue, and pink along with rabbits, tulips and Easter Egg. Along with the table is a five place dinner set of a non-traditional plate, fork, spoon, knife, strawberry daiquiri, and Easter egg basket centerpiece. This lovely set seats four friends or privileged submissives. 

If the host/ess puts out all the dinner ware, this table is 55 prim, but will vary depending on the place setting used. Each chair has a different eating animation attached with smooth, looped eating, drinking and full animations. 

These tables can be purchased through the Second Life Marketplace or inworld when you visit my everyday demo platform should you wish to see the new 2014 Easter Collection.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Easter Flower Baskets

easter flower basket with narcissus and easter lilies
Easter is a time of renewal, a time of fertility, a time of new beginnings. To celebrate Easter this year, I have made some Easter flower baskets. These baskets do not have any Easter eggs, however, the flowers in this basket is full of narcissus and Easter lilies. Set inside a tan wicker baskets.

easter flower basket with tulips
In another basket I placed mesh tulips, with fairy grass, resting in a silver wicker basket with purple grass. The leaves are hearts with a light Easter green. This basket does not have any handle, but will complete your living space with beauty.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Easter Egg Basket Centerpieces

easter egg basket with daisies center piece
This lovely basket is made from a silver wicker basket and has lovely mesh daisies placed in the center surrounded by fairy grass and Easter eggs in stylish custom made textures that you will only find at home and garden for petite avatars. This center piece is rather tall, however, it's proportionate to the size of a pocket avatar.

The desire to have pretty indoor decorations for your Easter celebrations has driven my creativity to new heights. These Easter egg baskets can be a centerpiece for your dinner table, end table, patio table or anywhere else you wish to display the spirit of Easter. 

easter egg basket centerpiece
Although this is not an imaginative name for my Easter basket, this is the first that was made and is made specifically for the pocket avatar's Easter Dinner Table, however, I thought that you might like the basket all on its own. This lovely basket has fairy grass nestling with Easter eggs in a lovely wicker basket. The custom made textures for the Easter eggs are both traditional and non-traditional. The traditional Easter eggs feature, rabbits, baby chicks, and Easter flowers on the side of the eggs in the traditional pastel colors of green, pink, purple, blue, and yellow. The non-traditional designs are plucked from the cosmos and caught in a fairy web of my own design.
easter egg basket centerpiece with lilies

This basket is 100 percent traditional. The basket is a light Easter green wicker with a handle. Inside are Easter lily plants with blooming flowers, this basket is slightly taller in size then the table one discussed above, but smaller than the basket with daisies. If you would like to see the actual size, they are located on my everyday platform inworld, and after viewing you may purchase them at the same place. The basket has traditional Easter eggs textures, of painted Easter egg appliques, baby chicks, Easter flowers, rabbits, and lambs.

easter egg basket centerpiece with narcissus 
This particular Easter egg basket, I am especially proud of, it features the Narcissus flower, in a yellow wicker basket and surrounded with my stylish custom-made textures, which feature a clear fairy applique in the traditional colors of Easter, but with stylish swirls and twirls, making this basket an absolute must have for your Easter plans.

Inside the basket is fairy grass, which adds to the mystery of this beautiful basket.

Once I got started making these baskets inspiration struck and I made the lots of Easter egg basket center pieces and no Easter would be complete without tulips. I made one basket with mesh and one with sculpted tulips, both are absolutely beautiful.
easter egg basket center with sculpted tulips
The basket with the sculpted tulips are in a red wicket basket with a matching handle. The texture used in this basket are from my signature line of custom-made Easter textures featuring a fairy captured in a spider's web! This is no fairy grass in this basket, but has a festive orange Easter grass inside the basket.

The basket with the mesh tulips have a pink wicker basket, fairy grass, and a mixture of signature and stylish Easter egg textures on the eggs. You must have a viewer that can see mesh if you would like to purchase this basket.
easter egg centerpiece with mesh tulips
The last basket that I made matches the exotic single bejeweled Easter egg that I made with all the lovely precious stones, there are no flowers in this basket just eggs. The egg textures are bejeweled with gems and gold coins.

The basket is light tan wicker basket wrapped in a luscious silk ribbon and bow on the front. This is the smallest basket that had been made to date, but will add to the decor of your home. It is my hope that you find these Easter egg basket centerpieces lovely and that you have a blessed Easter holiday.

pirate's treasure easter egg basket centerpiece

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Dinner Table

Valentine's Day dinner table
Romance is in the air, and this petite Valentine's Day Dinner Table will add a lovely touch to your evening.

This table comes with a pink table cloth with pink hearts, single pink rose but unopened, in a vase in the center of the table on top of a lacy white flowered center doily. The romantic setting is complete with three candles suspended above the table if you would want one or two on or none, touch to turn on/off.

There are four matching chairs with four individual animations, eating, full, drinking, and conversation.  These are smooth, looped animations.

This table set has 35 prims minimum, depending on if you put out one or four place settings. If you use all four place settings then the prims count is 50.

The table can be purchased on the SLX and seen and purchased inworld.

Easter Dinner Table

Easter dinner table
It is soon to be Easter. I have made a very special dinner table for you and four of your friends to sit at and enjoy Easter dinner together.

The textures for the table cloth, plates, and Easter eggs are all made by me and are only available in my 2014 Easter designs. The table consists of a four legged rectangular table, with four chairs with four different animations, 2 plates with 2 separate designs, one fork, spoon, and knife, and an Easter Egg Basket Center piece. Inside the center piece are Easter eggs sitting on top of Easter egg grass, nestled in fairy grass placed inside a light green wicker basket with a handle.

This delightful table will enhance your Easter Day experience with your SL family and friends. The table can have a maximum of 38 prims, however, how many prims is up to you because it comes with copyable, plates, forks, knives, centerpiece, and chairs. All these items are various prims and how many you put out is up to you!

The Easter dinner table can be found on the SLX or inworld.

Easter Egg Basket Centerpiece

Easter egg basket centerpiece
I am thinking ahead to Easter and I have put together a beautiful Easter egg basket that you can put on your end table, dinner table, or window sill.

The Easter eggs in this basket have stylish, traditional, and non-traditional decorations and the textures are made by me exclusively for home and garden for petite avatars. Surrounding the Easter eggs is fairy grass set inside an Easter egg basket made of light green straw both basket and handle.

This basket is 13 prims and is no mod, yes copy, no transfer. You can purchase this basket either on the SLMarketplace or inworld.

Blessed Be!