Monday, February 17, 2014

Easter Dinner Tables

couple's easter table
Easter will be here shortly so I am busy helping the Easter Bunny! This table is for a couple who wishes to have intimate time with each other.

The animations are conversation and have smooth, looped movements. This table comes with an Easter egg basket centerpiece, but it is not attached to the table so you have the option of not placing in on the table.

The table is an organic, cherry wood table and this set has 35 prims.

Another table has been prepared for an Easter feast. This feast table has traditional textured chairs and
easter table (traditional)
tablecloth. The texture has the Easter green, yellow, blue, and pink along with rabbits, tulips and Easter Egg. Along with the table is a five place dinner set of a non-traditional plate, fork, spoon, knife, strawberry daiquiri, and Easter egg basket centerpiece. This lovely set seats four friends or privileged submissives. 

If the host/ess puts out all the dinner ware, this table is 55 prim, but will vary depending on the place setting used. Each chair has a different eating animation attached with smooth, looped eating, drinking and full animations. 

These tables can be purchased through the Second Life Marketplace or inworld when you visit my everyday demo platform should you wish to see the new 2014 Easter Collection.