Monday, December 30, 2013

Outdoor Christmas Wreath with Twinkling Lights

outdoor wreath with twinkling lights
A beautiful wreath for the outside of your door, it twinkles with white lights. The wreath is set on a festive red ribbon, with Douglas fir branches, white Christmas lights, and an ornament in purple goth in the center. This is a must have for all holiday decorations!

The lights can be turned on/off by touching the wreath once for either command. This wreath can be viewed on my winter demo platform inworld and can be purchased inworld as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

Outdoor Candy Cane Lamp

outdoor candy cane lamp
To celebrate the spirit of the holidays, I have made this outdoor candy cane lamp striped in Gothic red. This outdoor lamp in touch on/off for the snow emitter on the icicles and touch on/off for the candle fire inside the globe.

This lamp has 6 prim and is no mod, yes copy, no transfer.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gothic Christmas Ornaments (circle)

Gothic Christmas ornaments (circle)
Christmas ornaments that are unique are a wonderful find! These Christmas ornaments are circle in shape with a curved hook for hanging on top. The design on the sides are Gothic, fishnet background with Christmas ornaments hanging down in the middle with lace around the edges. There are 8 different colors.

These ornaments are made no mod, yes copy, no transfer and they are 2 prim each.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Snow Tree

winter snow tree
Winter is here and this tree will make a wonderful addition to your front/backyard. Snow drops from the tree tops to the ground and can be turned on/off with a touch. Soft light from the winter's sun filters through the leaves.

This tree is 4 prims. As always you can buy this and all my items (except for the indoor Christmas trees) on the Marketplace and now you can also purchase inworld when you come by for a visit of my winter wonderland dome!

Guillotine Snowmen

guillotine snowmen
The guillotine snowmen are the most twisted of the twisted snowmen set and I have placed them separate from the bigger collection giving you a chance to purchase your absolute favorite one!

These twisted snowmen are 24 prims all together!


Headless Snowmen

headless snowmen set
You can also buy the headless snowmen as a stand by themselves purchase, just in case you really like the headless snowmen above the other snowmen in the twisted snowmen set!

These snowmen are 20 prims together!


After making the twisted winter walkway, I thought that I would make my twisted snowmen available in a fat pack, but then decided to break down that pack into individual sets that way you can decide which one you would like to purchase. 

Enclosed with this box is the stick-em-up-snowmen! This pair of snowmen are out for blood! They are totally twisted snowmen and all your friends will in in awe of your twisted sense of humor!

These snowmen are 19 prims total.

Twisted Snowmen Set

twisted snowmen set
Just in case you don't want to spare 112 prims, I am making the twisted snowmen available in a set.

Th snowmen included: guillotine snowmen, headless snowmen, stick-em-up-snowmen. These wonderfully twisted snowmen will make your winter wonderland full of fun and laughter! There are six snowmen all together and 58 prims, but the average snowmen is about 8-10 prims. 

These hysterical snowmen can be bought on the Marketplace or inworld!

Enjoy your winter!

Twisted Winter's Walkway

twisted winter's walkway
Who says we can't celebrate Halloween year round? Not me! This twisted winter's walkway is a perfect example of my twisted mind!

Featuring: lovely winter's evening with snow heaped up around winter trees, snow crunching under foot, and OMG, twisted snowmen!

The first set of snowmen are stick-em-up-snowmen complete with gun and evil grins! The second set of snowmen are trying to juggle their heads back onto their heads, one is sitting down and the other laying down, then the poor thing fell apart! Finally, there is a set of guillotine snowmen complete with guillotine and a snowman under the knife!

The trees, snowbanks, and snowmen are in relative proportion to an avatar that is .38th of a meter tall! The twisted winter's walkway can be found on the Marketplace and inworld!

The complete twisted build is 112 prims, but what a wonderfully shocking way to twist your winter's fun? 

Gothic Christmas Ornaments

Gothic Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornaments that are unique are a wonderful find! These oblong Christmas ornaments are oblong in shape with a curved hook for hanging on top. The design on the sides are Gothic, fishnet background with Christmas ornaments hanging down in the middle with lace around the edges. There are eight (8) different colors.

These ornaments are made no mod, yes copy, no transfer and they are two (2) prims each. These ornaments can be purchased both on the Marketplace and inworld. The ornaments are featured on the indoor Gothic Christmas tree and can be seen on the second floor of the Winter Home on the winter demo platform inworld.

Christmas Tree (Indoor) with Purple Skirt

indoor Christmas tree
You may want a Christmas tree that is plain and  not decorated except for the skirt and twinkling lights and so this indoor tree was made. 

The skirt is plain purple with white trim. The twinkling lights are brilliant white and twinkle at random. This tree is 69 prims. This indoor Christmas tree can only be purchased inworld

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gothic Christmas Tree (Indoors)

Gothic Christmas Tree in gothic purple
This Gothic piece of artwork is an awesome Christmas tree to decorate your petite home with. This tree has Gothic purple ribbons, tree skirt, and base for the top piece. Of course there are some Gothic purple, gold, blue, dark blue, green, and pink ornaments to name just a few ornaments on the tree.

The most amazing item on the tree is that it is touch on/off for the small white tree lights and twinkle at you, but you must look at it closely to see this majestic sight!

The indoor Gothic Tree is 90 prim, however, it is fully furnished, but there is room to spare if you want to drop a few more Christmas ornaments on the limbs, however, you cannot link them to the tree as the tree is copy only.

The indoor tree with star on top can only be purchased inworld at my snow dome, which features all my winter wonderland items as well as Christmas trees for the outdoors and snowmen that change colors! The SLurl will take you directly to my snow dome purchase board. If you want to view this tree it is on the second floor of the winter home in snow blown brick walk in, up the stairs or pan in to see this enchanting wonder!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Outdoor Christmas Tree Fully Decorated

outdoor christmas tree fully decorated
The holidays are here and to celebrate the season I have decorated an outdoor christmas tree that you all can dance around and enjoy your yule logs!

This unique tree features candy canes, snow emitters, and ornaments that feature SL photographs and to top off the tree is an icy frosty glittering for all to admire!

The ornaments have one more unique feature as they have snow, fire, water, or fog coming from them adding an additional enchantment to the tree.

This ready to place out tree has 68 prims, however, I have left this build as yes mod, yes copy, no transfer so that you can remove or add ornaments to your taste.

May your holiday be filled with cheer!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

frosty the Frozen Snowman Fountain

frosty the frozen snowman fountain
Winter would not the same without a visit from frosty the snowman, but poor frosty did not realize that playing the fountain would freeze him into place. Although he is melting a little bit, it is not enough to remove him from the fountain!

This lovely little build reflects the colors around him including the sun and any colors that he is near. His inner glow makes him a delight to view. The frozen snowman has a snow emitter in his hat, which is touch on/off and the melting icicles are touch on/off.

This delightful garden fountain will put the finishing touches on your winter wonderland. This build is 18 prims and is relative in height to a pocket avatar that is .38th of a meter tall. You can purchase this inworld as well as on the SLX! So come on into Second Life and visit the enchanting snow dome that houses all the winter items of home and garden for petite avatars.


snowman with color changing HUD for skeleton
Frosty the color changing snowman is waiting to charm you and your friends.

This snowman can change the colors of its skeleton. I have made this build copy-able. However, PLEASE NOTE: change the color of its skeleton to the color you want before you copy it because only the last copy of the snowman can change colors, repeat until you have the snowmen that you want in the colors you want! Wear the HUD on a spot on your screen and pick the color you want Frosty to be!

Additionally, you can change the size of the snowman. Frosty is 4 prims.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Palace Night Club

ice palace dance club
The deepest of winters in the frozen magical forest, one can hear the music and laughter of the Otherworldly that live here and dance at the ice palace. This enchanting night club features, strobe lights, colored track lighting, dance balls, and it's made from ice. Magic falls on this secret place year round keeping it frozen even when all else melts.

The textures are ice blocks on the outside, but inside the walls are magically transparent so the first floor looks bigger than it is.  You can be magically teleported onto the second floor and dance the night away, and looks fantastic with the world settings set to night.

This night club comes with strobe lights, colored track lighting that puts colored fairies on the floor making the cold, frozen floor inviting! The ice palace has 45 prims so that as the owner you can decide if you want dance poles, bars etc.

Additionally, I have added a fairy strobe light that is copy-able and a fairy dance ball also copy-able  to this package as you cannot use these items when linked to the build, however, they make the build wonderful. I suggest that you place the strobe light on both floors directly underneath the track lighting and then place the dance ball just above your head level also on both floors, if you use these items two each you will have a total of 49 prims in this build.

About the build: there were several unique features one it is a round night club. Building with round prims causes issues so I had to have three work around, one: on the first floor is no door so that it is inviting all who pass into your fun establishment, two, the walls of the first floor and the railing of the second floor are made of flexiprims and they will move slightly when you put it down and drag it on the ground to its final resting spot, so do not freak out when this happens as its intended. The reason why there are flexiprims is because when you build with round spheres in Second Life, you cannot pass through the opening a circle makes unless it is flexi or phantom. having these as phantom makes the entire build phantom and thus you couldn't stand on the second floor. if the railing was left as a hard prim then you would be a meter off the floor. If I find a fix for this problem i will re-release this and whoever buys the original will get the re-release for free!

However, the features described above will not lessen the enjoyment for your clients, I suggest locking the building in place to make accidental moving impossible.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Home

winter home
The winter home is the first home built for petite avatars by home and gardens for petite avatars! This enchanting home is red brick with snow frozen against the facade, roof, and front door. The winter storms are allowing the snow to fall! This two story home is just right for a petite avatar that is .38th of a meter tall!

The home features ten (10) snow emitters that do not snow inside the home. The snow emitters are on/off by touch. There are six icicles that have small snow emitters and four bigger snow emitters around the house. To turn off the snow emitters outside the house, control+alt+T to see the transparent globes one on each side of the house. These snow emitters are far away from the house so that there is no snowfall inside the house, but looking outside there is the illusion of a heavy storm. The emitters that are inside the icicles are closer to the house, but small enough so that the illusion of heavy snowfall is complete.

The windows are all bay windows with snow piled high on the window sills. Looking out from inside the house the snow in the windows contributes to the illusion of heavy snow fall. The door is inset with crystals and opens on touch and is linked to the house (no the house will not spin due to a special door script in this door!)

The interior of the house has dark wooden floors, rich in color and makes one want to run barefoot on the floor. The staircase to the second floor is in the corner so that little room is lost due to the stairs. The size of the front door as well as the hole in the second floor allows mesh, petite avatars to go in the door and go up stairs using the steps with our bounding boxes (bounding boxes are the bane of a petite builder). There are beams of wood in the ceiling of the second floor ceiling adding to the richness of the second floor!

On the outside of the house has stair access to the roof, on which you may host parties and dance the night way! All this elegance is only 51 prims leaving you with over 60 prims left for putting out your low prim petite furniture! (Coming soon from home and gardens for petite avatars!)

As usual you may view this wonderful home on my demo platform in world and can be purchased online at the SL Marketplace! I hope you will come by and be enchanted by this lovely home!

Winter Wonderland - Ice Skating Pond

ice skating pond
Winter is here at home and garden for petite avatars! The first build of the season is a winter wonderland ice skating pond that is nestled in between a mountain with winter trees at the top, a frozen waterfall, and a set of stairs to access it!

For enjoyment at night there is a specialized lighting that shines down from the threes lighting up the pond making it completely enchanting!

You may view this new addition on my winter demo platform inworld! As always, this enchanted item can be purchased on the Second Life Marketplace!

Have a happy and safe winter season!