Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Home

winter home
The winter home is the first home built for petite avatars by home and gardens for petite avatars! This enchanting home is red brick with snow frozen against the facade, roof, and front door. The winter storms are allowing the snow to fall! This two story home is just right for a petite avatar that is .38th of a meter tall!

The home features ten (10) snow emitters that do not snow inside the home. The snow emitters are on/off by touch. There are six icicles that have small snow emitters and four bigger snow emitters around the house. To turn off the snow emitters outside the house, control+alt+T to see the transparent globes one on each side of the house. These snow emitters are far away from the house so that there is no snowfall inside the house, but looking outside there is the illusion of a heavy storm. The emitters that are inside the icicles are closer to the house, but small enough so that the illusion of heavy snowfall is complete.

The windows are all bay windows with snow piled high on the window sills. Looking out from inside the house the snow in the windows contributes to the illusion of heavy snow fall. The door is inset with crystals and opens on touch and is linked to the house (no the house will not spin due to a special door script in this door!)

The interior of the house has dark wooden floors, rich in color and makes one want to run barefoot on the floor. The staircase to the second floor is in the corner so that little room is lost due to the stairs. The size of the front door as well as the hole in the second floor allows mesh, petite avatars to go in the door and go up stairs using the steps with our bounding boxes (bounding boxes are the bane of a petite builder). There are beams of wood in the ceiling of the second floor ceiling adding to the richness of the second floor!

On the outside of the house has stair access to the roof, on which you may host parties and dance the night way! All this elegance is only 51 prims leaving you with over 60 prims left for putting out your low prim petite furniture! (Coming soon from home and gardens for petite avatars!)

As usual you may view this wonderful home on my demo platform in world and can be purchased online at the SL Marketplace! I hope you will come by and be enchanted by this lovely home!