Friday, December 27, 2013

Twisted Winter's Walkway

twisted winter's walkway
Who says we can't celebrate Halloween year round? Not me! This twisted winter's walkway is a perfect example of my twisted mind!

Featuring: lovely winter's evening with snow heaped up around winter trees, snow crunching under foot, and OMG, twisted snowmen!

The first set of snowmen are stick-em-up-snowmen complete with gun and evil grins! The second set of snowmen are trying to juggle their heads back onto their heads, one is sitting down and the other laying down, then the poor thing fell apart! Finally, there is a set of guillotine snowmen complete with guillotine and a snowman under the knife!

The trees, snowbanks, and snowmen are in relative proportion to an avatar that is .38th of a meter tall! The twisted winter's walkway can be found on the Marketplace and inworld!

The complete twisted build is 112 prims, but what a wonderfully shocking way to twist your winter's fun?