Tuesday, December 17, 2013

frosty the Frozen Snowman Fountain

frosty the frozen snowman fountain
Winter would not the same without a visit from frosty the snowman, but poor frosty did not realize that playing the fountain would freeze him into place. Although he is melting a little bit, it is not enough to remove him from the fountain!

This lovely little build reflects the colors around him including the sun and any colors that he is near. His inner glow makes him a delight to view. The frozen snowman has a snow emitter in his hat, which is touch on/off and the melting icicles are touch on/off.

This delightful garden fountain will put the finishing touches on your winter wonderland. This build is 18 prims and is relative in height to a pocket avatar that is .38th of a meter tall. You can purchase this inworld as well as on the SLX! So come on into Second Life and visit the enchanting snow dome that houses all the winter items of home and garden for petite avatars.