Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Palace Night Club

ice palace dance club
The deepest of winters in the frozen magical forest, one can hear the music and laughter of the Otherworldly that live here and dance at the ice palace. This enchanting night club features, strobe lights, colored track lighting, dance balls, and it's made from ice. Magic falls on this secret place year round keeping it frozen even when all else melts.

The textures are ice blocks on the outside, but inside the walls are magically transparent so the first floor looks bigger than it is.  You can be magically teleported onto the second floor and dance the night away, and looks fantastic with the world settings set to night.

This night club comes with strobe lights, colored track lighting that puts colored fairies on the floor making the cold, frozen floor inviting! The ice palace has 45 prims so that as the owner you can decide if you want dance poles, bars etc.

Additionally, I have added a fairy strobe light that is copy-able and a fairy dance ball also copy-able  to this package as you cannot use these items when linked to the build, however, they make the build wonderful. I suggest that you place the strobe light on both floors directly underneath the track lighting and then place the dance ball just above your head level also on both floors, if you use these items two each you will have a total of 49 prims in this build.

About the build: there were several unique features one it is a round night club. Building with round prims causes issues so I had to have three work around, one: on the first floor is no door so that it is inviting all who pass into your fun establishment, two, the walls of the first floor and the railing of the second floor are made of flexiprims and they will move slightly when you put it down and drag it on the ground to its final resting spot, so do not freak out when this happens as its intended. The reason why there are flexiprims is because when you build with round spheres in Second Life, you cannot pass through the opening a circle makes unless it is flexi or phantom. having these as phantom makes the entire build phantom and thus you couldn't stand on the second floor. if the railing was left as a hard prim then you would be a meter off the floor. If I find a fix for this problem i will re-release this and whoever buys the original will get the re-release for free!

However, the features described above will not lessen the enjoyment for your clients, I suggest locking the building in place to make accidental moving impossible.