Saturday, November 16, 2013

BDSM Collar, Wrist, and Ankle Cuffs

BDSM collar, ankle, and wrist cuffs
I have departed from the normal home decor to venture into the realm of BDSM accouterments. The collar and cuffs. These are specially sized for "pocket" avatars or avies that are .38th of a meter tall. They are very tiny!

There is a color changing HUD included so that you or your sub may choose whatever color that you wish to have for the day. The color changing HUD changes by point and click as well as the RGB numbers. Included with the box is a personalized pose stand made especially for petite avatars.

There is a DEMO for the discerning the client who wish to try these out on before purchasing, however, the
DEMO version $L0
color changing HUD is not included with the trail version.

Enjoy your naughty games!

Passenger Hay Wagon

passenger hay wagon
driver sit
A handsome hay wagon to give your petite friends a ride! Hook up your horse or tractor and drive around on a cold fall night! The antique wagon feature seven animations for your friends to use while they chat! The driver's seat has one sit and the hands are positioned so that the reins can be pulled between the hands. The feet are positioned on the floor of the wagon. 

back of wagon sit
The other six sits are passenger sits and feature the right and left arms up. The sit at the back of the wagon is sideways and the passenger's feet are casually propped up on the hay bale opposite and the passenger is leaning back on his or her elbows.

The other than the right and left elbows up on the sides of the wagon is a sit with the legs drawn up and tucked up around the arms. These sits are made by me!

left arm up sit
right arm up sit
As usual you may purchase this wagon from the Second Life Marketplace. The wagon has 19 prims and is yes mod, yes copy, no transfer. I made this modifiable because I wanted you to be able to add your scripts to the wagon and you may take your friends out for the night! The wheels are made of glass so that you don't have to worry about changing the texture of your material before adding the scripts.

The final sit is where the legs are drawn up and the hands resting on top of the knees. This way the legs that are sprawled out opposite on the bales of hay. The legs will not tangle with each other!

It is my hope that you will enjoy the passenger wagon! You may visit my demo area in Second Life to view the builds.

legs up sit

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn is Here!

campfire and fall tree
Fall has arrived at home and garden for petite avatars; the campfire and fall tree kicks off the 2013 autumn line of indoor and outdoor decor! The fall tree in autumn orange with particle leaves floating away from the tree and at the base of the tree are piles of leaves.

In front of the tree is a campfire and bales of hay so you and your guests can sit and enjoy the outdoors as the weather is getting chilly! The sits on the bales of hay I made myself and they are static sits. There are two different ones. One person per bales of hay.

The fire is touch on/off and has peaceful crackling sounds. The entire build is 21 prims! The campfire is no mod, yes copy, no trans and fall tree and bales of hay are yes mod, yes copy, no trans. 

campfire and bales of hay
fall tree with falling particle leaves
This line comes in smaller pieces as well as the large ensemble--just the campfire and the bales of hay. The features of the campfire and hay bales is that the fire is touch on/off and has peaceful crackling sounds. The entire build is 15 prims! The campfire is no mod, yes copy, no trans.

Lastly, I also offer just the autumn tree and the falling particle leaves with a big pile o leaves at the base of the tree! The tree is 6 prims total! All three of this fall line can be found on the Second Life Marketplace. I offer an area to view all my builds. Hopefully, there will be more fun fall items soon for your home and garden decorating! I hope your autumn is full of crunching leaves and fun!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Dinner Table for Four

dinner for four
This Halloween treat your petite guests to the most lovely of gross dinners at a blood covered table and chairs. In the lovely Halloween plates sits the incredibly delectable fare of a blood heart that spurts blood, so it's not quite dead, brains in a bloody gravy with worms crawling out of the brain, a pile of flaming poo, and a blackened lung. The dinner table is completed with spiders, cockroaches, flies, and worms.

Last, but not least is a lovely center piece of a puking pumpkin! This table has four blood spattered chairs to complete the set. There are forks beside each plate that your guests may touch it and receive a fork to eat the Halloween gourmet fare.

Creator's Note: This is the last Halloween item to be made for the 2013 season! It may be bought on the SL Marketplace for L$200.