Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shocking Halloween Poses

blood red tulips ground cover
The moon of Halloween night is coming and the blood red of the moon is turning everything it touches blood red. The tulips are dying because of it, their stems are dried blood and little blood is left in the flower hence it's color! This ground cover is one prim and is yes mod, yes copy, no trans. This way you can make multiple copies and make it as big or small as you would like!

creepy tree stump
The creepy tree stump starts out as an innocent charred wood poseball (guess that should be warning enough!) sitting there in the dark waiting for an unsuspecting petite avatar to come and sit on it! Too late the avie finds out that it's not what it seem out pops the stump, but with it is a pike goring the visitor through the head and chest!

This pose is has six (6) prims and is no mod, yes copy, and no trans. It also comes with a copy of the blood red tulips ground cover (above), a free gift for your purchase! Making the total prim count seven (7). This innocent pose ball only wants to complete your Halloween! Drop by the SL Marketplace and get yours today!

spooky tree stump
This tree stump is a different pose/sit then the creepy tree stump although it does share some of the same characteristics such as the initial pose is an innocent poseball just waiting for the unsuspecting avatar to come and sit down on it!

As quickly as the tree stump appears so too does the pike, but this time it gores you through the stomach disemboweling your avatar! This build is also six (6) prims, seven (7) with the blood red tulips ground cover (free in this package!) This pose is no mod, yes copy, no trans. This pose will complete any Halloween decorating that you do for your haunted home for this wonderful holiday!

creepy and spooky tree stumps
If you like the description of the creepy and spooky tree stumps above, then this boxed combo is what you are looking for because it comes with both of the tree stumps described above and the blood red tulips ground cover free with this purchase! A thank you for your purchase!

These poses are no mod, yes copy, no trans. The total prims in this box is 13 if you use all the items other wise it will vary from 1 to 7 or 8, depending the the combo you use from the box! All the static poses are made by me as well as the sculpted spear coming through your friends tiny bodies!

As always you can come inworld to visit the demo area (I will be adding a purchase display shortly!) However, until that time, you can always purchase on the SL Marketplace!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sith Blood Fountain

sith blood fountain
This is a great addition for your garden, castle courtyard, or the foyer of your home, or wherever else you might need a blood fountain!

This fountain is 10 prims (sorry the notecard in the box says 8), but it is 10. It is no mod, yes copy, no trans. This fountain has roiling blood in the base of the fountain along with blood and guts at the bottom. There is a bloody spray coming from the head of the sith raining down on those around. Last, but not least it is surrounded by fog!

The base of the sith is surrounded by spikes trapping evil spirits!

It is my hope that you enjoy this fountain! This fountain can be seen on my haunted demo, oppose of the landing (between the castle and the bridge). Come and see it today!

The trees in the background for the picture above is not included with the sith blood fountain.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spooky Tree

The Spooky Tree
Halloween is right around the corner and the spooky tree has all the goodies that will scare your friends or at least gross them out! There are headless snakes, falling hearts and livers. Last, but not least is the melting pumpkins that are falling out of the tree. This almost dead tree has somehow kept these horrible things ALIVE!

The heart, pumpkin, and liver fall at a fluctuating rate of three (3). This means (I hope) that every time one drops one of the previously dropped pumpkins, livers, or hearts disappear. The fire surrounding the melting, green pumpkin is touch on/off anywhere on the tree.

This spooky tree will add the final touches to your haunted home or sim! As always you may come in-world to view, but you must buy it on the SL Marketplace!

Please note: The tree does not come with background, mountains, rich green ground cover, but you can buy the quartz crystal ground cover at the SL Market place store!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ground Cover

blackened and green grass with quartz ground cover
If you like the blackened grass or the green grass with quartz ground cover, I am making these available in the same box on the SL Marketplace. Each ground cover is 8 prims and they are yes mod, yes copy, no trans. This means that if you like the grass, but don't want the quartz crystals you can copy it and take off the grass. It also means that you can change the color, style, of both the grass and quartz.

The quartz comes with fairy dust that you can turn on/off by touch. One is for your Halloween decor and the other is for your spring decor. Each ground cover is 8 prims.

Of course, you may want to view this in-world before you buy it so do come and visit! (The SLurls are on the right column of this blog!) Send me a note should have any questions!

Fantasy Trees

fairy web tree  (black) with particle emitter
This Halloween inspired fantasy tree is available now on the SL Marketplace. It has my signature texture as leaves a fairy caught in a web. There are little particle fairies that are emitted from the tree and you can turn it off on command: /1 fairy on    or to turn it off /1 fairy off.

This exciting addition has blackened grass at its base with colorful quartz crystals attached to the brittle burned grass. The quartz crystals come with fairy dust on them which can be turned on/off by touch.

The ground cover has eight (8) prims, which are not linked to the tree, however, they do look great together. The tree has five (5) prims. Both of these builds are yes mod, yes copy, no trans. Of course, this collection would not be complete without additional colors and styles.

The fairy web tree (red) with particle emitter has the same features as listed above except the grass is green
fairy web tree (red) with particle emitter
and lush. The particles are red fairies in a different position. The bark of the tree glimmers red as well. The red color is a mix between blood red and glowing red of the sunset!

Last, but not least is the white fairy web tree with quartz ground cover. The position of the fairy particle is different then the previous two trees. The bark on this tree is a whitish-tan color and glimmers with the lights of the tree.

These trees are made to the relative size of a "pocket" avatar that stands approximately .38 meter tall. These trees will make your home cozy and romantic or haunted, depending on the look for which you are wanting.

fairy web tree (white) with particle emitter
As always these items can be seen in-world on my enchanted demo platform. Should you have any questions before you purchase please send me an IM in-world or email me. If it says in-world that I am not online, please put your question on a notecard so that if I get capped, I'll still be able to communicate with you!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Enchanted Garden Piano

a waterfall for your garden

The Enchanted Garden Piano waterfall is a centerpiece for any garden... a lovely garden with animated waterfall that bounces off of rocks, pooling at the foot of the waterfall. In the piano piece itself is a lovely garden of blue bells, delicate pink water lilies, and cattails. This is surrounded by a pool at the foot of the piano surrounded by  stepping stones and a field of red tulips with small fairies twinkling among the flower buds. 

The waterfall is completed with a soft whisper of waterfall soothing the mind and soul!

This piece of artwork has 48 prims and is L$500. As always you may purchase see this in-world and purchase it on the SL Marketplace!

Disclaimer: This does not come with the forested panorama box or the mountains behind the piano. The bigger tulips in the back ground do not come with the waterfall. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Petite Furniture

fairy web lamp

This little lamp is a bit of magic! It is made in two different sizes one size is featured in the picture above in the center and one a bit bigger by about .5th of a meter. Both sizes come in the box so that you can choose which one fits better in your home. 

It has my signature fairy web on the shade of the lamp and on the light bulb which in underneath the shade and you can turn it on/off by touching the lamp. The lamp is an amazing piece of art due to the texture used! On the table of the lamp are two fairies flying away back to back over a blue rainbow of fairies!

This incredible lamp is made specially for petite avatars that are .38th of a meter in size. Come in-world to view a demo of this tiny lamp and purchase it on the SL Marketplace!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Haunted Avatar

Halloween is right around the corner! At home and garden for petite avatars, we love to scare you, make
Halloween Murder House
you vomit, and down right creep you out! Start your All Hallows with a murder. Someone has crept into our enchanted demo area and committed meyhem and murder, then had the nerve to try to cover up their deed by setting this little petite home on fire, leaving the charred outline of the murder victim on the first floor, blood spatter on the walls, and flames leaping from the burnt roof!

The fire has charred the inside and outside of the house, burning down the front door, letting any passerby see the mess he or she made! The grass is burned and so too is the rock foundation that this house is sitting! The seamless texture is created by me and is my first seamless texture that I have ever made!

This wonderful build is 10 prims. It is made from prims, partial-mesh, and sculpties! This charred, tiny home can be yours for L$250!

Haunted Bridge (sim version)
The sim version of the haunted bridge is made without the "bloody heart and guts pond" attached to the bridge, but it does come in the package with the haunted bridge because it's such a great piece.

The haunted bridge is a fully functioning, walk on bridge. It has coffin on and off ramps with ghosts rising out of the coffins. The ghosts moan and groan about their fate!

There are cages that hold old skeletons in various forms of decay. To complete the eerie ensemble is the blood rain that falls down from the sky!

The "bloody heart and guts pond" is a roiling mass of blood, guts, and organs that are not recognizable. If you stand and listen closely you can still hear the beating heart...perhaps it belongs to the vampire who is still gushing blood!

The demo of this item is found at the Slurl supplied on this page. Please note that this is a demo area only and one must purchase these items on the SL Marketplace.
haunted bridge and castle

The final haunted installation that is finished this far is the Haunted Bridge and Castle. This dark, foreboding bridge with it its "bloody heart and guts pond" leads the explorer across a foggy bridge to a dark castle with yellow and orange windows and a welcome mat that says: "Enter if you Dare!"

The castle had two floors connected by a teleport system. The blood rain does not rain down on the castle, but you can view the bloody mess from your second-floor balcony. The bridge and castle are not connected because parts of the bridge are phantom and any time you link a phantom object with other non-phantom object it all become phantom (or maybe I just didn't know how to link them to avoid this scenario!) Whichever the case may be, the castle and bridge are unlinked making placement easier. The castle entrance is between the bridge and the "moat" which have spikes sticking out of the ground and a glob of human blood and tissue disintegrated between the the spikes. If your land is flat, then you know that your castle is placed right when the flat area around the body disappears.

The teleport system in this castle is not linked so you will need to either grab the teleporters when you move the castle or re-position the TP mats when you have placed the castle where you want it permanently. The creepy, haunted moans of the dead haunt your bridge and castle! Come in-world and see this demo for yourself!

bloody heart and guts pond
I believe that not all people will want the haunted bridge and castle versions, but would want to buy the bloody heart and guts pool, this is available to purchase separately, however, the pond does not come with blood rain! This can be the pond in your front yard to make all your friends want to hurl! (I know I was sick when building it!) The beating of the heart will make this pond a center piece for any lawn!

All these items can be seen in-world on my demo platforms, however, they all must be purchased on the SL Marketplace!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enchanted Petite Avatar

Quartz Clusters
No garden is complete without the enchanting quartz crystal clusters. They are in various sizes and colors. They all have fairy dust falling around them.

The colors are amethyst, pink, mixed, light and dark green, and aqua green quartz. Turn the fairy dust on/off by touch!

The quartz are one prim each. They are sculpties, and are petite in size. They come yes mod, yes copy, no transfer.

They come 6 in a box for L$50.

The enchantment continues with the Elven Lamps with Candlelight. There are four in a box. The candlelight is
Elven Lamps with Candlelight
a soft glow and can be turned on/off with touch. These lovely lamps will add an intimate glow to your home or garden. These are no mod, yes copy, no trans.

These lamps are great for the interior or exterior of your petite home! The lamps are two different sizes so that you can vary the height without having to modify them. The lamps come 4 to a box. These are one prim sculpties. So if you use all four the land impact is four, but if you use one lamp then it's one land impact!

The creme de la creme of the enchanted series is the Enchanted Wiccan Garden. This build features a garden in which one can sit and meditate, contemplate, or chat with your friends. Dance under the pale moonlight with a dance ball that has 14 dances inside. The garden is full of flowers growing out of a grass and rock ground! Climbing ivy vines wend their way around the stone pillars of the garden.

enchanted wiccan garden
This relaxing garden has three meditation sits in the bench that sits in the center of the garden.

This build has 38 prim, no mod, yes copy, no trans and can be purchased for L$500. This wonderful garden is a must have for the petite avatar!

All these enchanted items may be viewed in-world at the SLurl's given in this blog. 

Please note: that the in-world area where I demo these builds are just a demo area and all purchases must be made through the SL Marketplace.

Textures Change the World!

fairy web texture
The changes in by Second Life and Real Life has influenced the change in this blog. From now on, this blog will be about petite home and garden furnishings. The builds are meant specifically for petite avatars that are the "pocket" avie, which stand about .38th of a meter tall, which is very tiny!

Some of the builds are big, but not big enough for a tall avatar! All the furnishings are very small! The first things that influenced the changes is the in the real world, I discovered how the make textures!  The fairy web seen above is my very first texture from start to finish! This was exciting because my success has influenced me to learn seamless textures as well as transparent, alpha textures! Of course, Photoshop has made these endeavors much easier over the years! Additionally, I am learning sculpties and mesh! It's quite huge learning curve, but I am sure that I am up to the challenge! 

All my items may be found on the SL Marketplace! The pricing is reasonable and the descriptions are detailed! Check out home and garden furnishings for petite avatars today!

Author's Note: due to the unfortunate amount ripping textures in Second Life, I've had to  protect my texture by putting an "x" on it and the words sample!