Friday, September 13, 2013

Petite Furniture

fairy web lamp

This little lamp is a bit of magic! It is made in two different sizes one size is featured in the picture above in the center and one a bit bigger by about .5th of a meter. Both sizes come in the box so that you can choose which one fits better in your home. 

It has my signature fairy web on the shade of the lamp and on the light bulb which in underneath the shade and you can turn it on/off by touching the lamp. The lamp is an amazing piece of art due to the texture used! On the table of the lamp are two fairies flying away back to back over a blue rainbow of fairies!

This incredible lamp is made specially for petite avatars that are .38th of a meter in size. Come in-world to view a demo of this tiny lamp and purchase it on the SL Marketplace!