Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enchanted Petite Avatar

Quartz Clusters
No garden is complete without the enchanting quartz crystal clusters. They are in various sizes and colors. They all have fairy dust falling around them.

The colors are amethyst, pink, mixed, light and dark green, and aqua green quartz. Turn the fairy dust on/off by touch!

The quartz are one prim each. They are sculpties, and are petite in size. They come yes mod, yes copy, no transfer.

They come 6 in a box for L$50.

The enchantment continues with the Elven Lamps with Candlelight. There are four in a box. The candlelight is
Elven Lamps with Candlelight
a soft glow and can be turned on/off with touch. These lovely lamps will add an intimate glow to your home or garden. These are no mod, yes copy, no trans.

These lamps are great for the interior or exterior of your petite home! The lamps are two different sizes so that you can vary the height without having to modify them. The lamps come 4 to a box. These are one prim sculpties. So if you use all four the land impact is four, but if you use one lamp then it's one land impact!

The creme de la creme of the enchanted series is the Enchanted Wiccan Garden. This build features a garden in which one can sit and meditate, contemplate, or chat with your friends. Dance under the pale moonlight with a dance ball that has 14 dances inside. The garden is full of flowers growing out of a grass and rock ground! Climbing ivy vines wend their way around the stone pillars of the garden.

enchanted wiccan garden
This relaxing garden has three meditation sits in the bench that sits in the center of the garden.

This build has 38 prim, no mod, yes copy, no trans and can be purchased for L$500. This wonderful garden is a must have for the petite avatar!

All these enchanted items may be viewed in-world at the SLurl's given in this blog. 

Please note: that the in-world area where I demo these builds are just a demo area and all purchases must be made through the SL Marketplace.