Saturday, September 14, 2013

Enchanted Garden Piano

a waterfall for your garden

The Enchanted Garden Piano waterfall is a centerpiece for any garden... a lovely garden with animated waterfall that bounces off of rocks, pooling at the foot of the waterfall. In the piano piece itself is a lovely garden of blue bells, delicate pink water lilies, and cattails. This is surrounded by a pool at the foot of the piano surrounded by  stepping stones and a field of red tulips with small fairies twinkling among the flower buds. 

The waterfall is completed with a soft whisper of waterfall soothing the mind and soul!

This piece of artwork has 48 prims and is L$500. As always you may purchase see this in-world and purchase it on the SL Marketplace!

Disclaimer: This does not come with the forested panorama box or the mountains behind the piano. The bigger tulips in the back ground do not come with the waterfall.