Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Haunted Avatar

Halloween is right around the corner! At home and garden for petite avatars, we love to scare you, make
Halloween Murder House
you vomit, and down right creep you out! Start your All Hallows with a murder. Someone has crept into our enchanted demo area and committed meyhem and murder, then had the nerve to try to cover up their deed by setting this little petite home on fire, leaving the charred outline of the murder victim on the first floor, blood spatter on the walls, and flames leaping from the burnt roof!

The fire has charred the inside and outside of the house, burning down the front door, letting any passerby see the mess he or she made! The grass is burned and so too is the rock foundation that this house is sitting! The seamless texture is created by me and is my first seamless texture that I have ever made!

This wonderful build is 10 prims. It is made from prims, partial-mesh, and sculpties! This charred, tiny home can be yours for L$250!

Haunted Bridge (sim version)
The sim version of the haunted bridge is made without the "bloody heart and guts pond" attached to the bridge, but it does come in the package with the haunted bridge because it's such a great piece.

The haunted bridge is a fully functioning, walk on bridge. It has coffin on and off ramps with ghosts rising out of the coffins. The ghosts moan and groan about their fate!

There are cages that hold old skeletons in various forms of decay. To complete the eerie ensemble is the blood rain that falls down from the sky!

The "bloody heart and guts pond" is a roiling mass of blood, guts, and organs that are not recognizable. If you stand and listen closely you can still hear the beating heart...perhaps it belongs to the vampire who is still gushing blood!

The demo of this item is found at the Slurl supplied on this page. Please note that this is a demo area only and one must purchase these items on the SL Marketplace.
haunted bridge and castle

The final haunted installation that is finished this far is the Haunted Bridge and Castle. This dark, foreboding bridge with it its "bloody heart and guts pond" leads the explorer across a foggy bridge to a dark castle with yellow and orange windows and a welcome mat that says: "Enter if you Dare!"

The castle had two floors connected by a teleport system. The blood rain does not rain down on the castle, but you can view the bloody mess from your second-floor balcony. The bridge and castle are not connected because parts of the bridge are phantom and any time you link a phantom object with other non-phantom object it all become phantom (or maybe I just didn't know how to link them to avoid this scenario!) Whichever the case may be, the castle and bridge are unlinked making placement easier. The castle entrance is between the bridge and the "moat" which have spikes sticking out of the ground and a glob of human blood and tissue disintegrated between the the spikes. If your land is flat, then you know that your castle is placed right when the flat area around the body disappears.

The teleport system in this castle is not linked so you will need to either grab the teleporters when you move the castle or re-position the TP mats when you have placed the castle where you want it permanently. The creepy, haunted moans of the dead haunt your bridge and castle! Come in-world and see this demo for yourself!

bloody heart and guts pond
I believe that not all people will want the haunted bridge and castle versions, but would want to buy the bloody heart and guts pool, this is available to purchase separately, however, the pond does not come with blood rain! This can be the pond in your front yard to make all your friends want to hurl! (I know I was sick when building it!) The beating of the heart will make this pond a center piece for any lawn!

All these items can be seen in-world on my demo platforms, however, they all must be purchased on the SL Marketplace!