Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ground Cover

blackened and green grass with quartz ground cover
If you like the blackened grass or the green grass with quartz ground cover, I am making these available in the same box on the SL Marketplace. Each ground cover is 8 prims and they are yes mod, yes copy, no trans. This means that if you like the grass, but don't want the quartz crystals you can copy it and take off the grass. It also means that you can change the color, style, of both the grass and quartz.

The quartz comes with fairy dust that you can turn on/off by touch. One is for your Halloween decor and the other is for your spring decor. Each ground cover is 8 prims.

Of course, you may want to view this in-world before you buy it so do come and visit! (The SLurls are on the right column of this blog!) Send me a note should have any questions!