Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fantasy Trees

fairy web tree  (black) with particle emitter
This Halloween inspired fantasy tree is available now on the SL Marketplace. It has my signature texture as leaves a fairy caught in a web. There are little particle fairies that are emitted from the tree and you can turn it off on command: /1 fairy on    or to turn it off /1 fairy off.

This exciting addition has blackened grass at its base with colorful quartz crystals attached to the brittle burned grass. The quartz crystals come with fairy dust on them which can be turned on/off by touch.

The ground cover has eight (8) prims, which are not linked to the tree, however, they do look great together. The tree has five (5) prims. Both of these builds are yes mod, yes copy, no trans. Of course, this collection would not be complete without additional colors and styles.

The fairy web tree (red) with particle emitter has the same features as listed above except the grass is green
fairy web tree (red) with particle emitter
and lush. The particles are red fairies in a different position. The bark of the tree glimmers red as well. The red color is a mix between blood red and glowing red of the sunset!

Last, but not least is the white fairy web tree with quartz ground cover. The position of the fairy particle is different then the previous two trees. The bark on this tree is a whitish-tan color and glimmers with the lights of the tree.

These trees are made to the relative size of a "pocket" avatar that stands approximately .38 meter tall. These trees will make your home cozy and romantic or haunted, depending on the look for which you are wanting.

fairy web tree (white) with particle emitter
As always these items can be seen in-world on my enchanted demo platform. Should you have any questions before you purchase please send me an IM in-world or email me. If it says in-world that I am not online, please put your question on a notecard so that if I get capped, I'll still be able to communicate with you!