Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Textures Change the World!

fairy web texture
The changes in by Second Life and Real Life has influenced the change in this blog. From now on, this blog will be about petite home and garden furnishings. The builds are meant specifically for petite avatars that are the "pocket" avie, which stand about .38th of a meter tall, which is very tiny!

Some of the builds are big, but not big enough for a tall avatar! All the furnishings are very small! The first things that influenced the changes is the in the real world, I discovered how the make textures!  The fairy web seen above is my very first texture from start to finish! This was exciting because my success has influenced me to learn seamless textures as well as transparent, alpha textures! Of course, Photoshop has made these endeavors much easier over the years! Additionally, I am learning sculpties and mesh! It's quite huge learning curve, but I am sure that I am up to the challenge! 

All my items may be found on the SL Marketplace! The pricing is reasonable and the descriptions are detailed! Check out home and garden furnishings for petite avatars today!

Author's Note: due to the unfortunate amount ripping textures in Second Life, I've had to  protect my texture by putting an "x" on it and the words sample!