Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spooky Tree

The Spooky Tree
Halloween is right around the corner and the spooky tree has all the goodies that will scare your friends or at least gross them out! There are headless snakes, falling hearts and livers. Last, but not least is the melting pumpkins that are falling out of the tree. This almost dead tree has somehow kept these horrible things ALIVE!

The heart, pumpkin, and liver fall at a fluctuating rate of three (3). This means (I hope) that every time one drops one of the previously dropped pumpkins, livers, or hearts disappear. The fire surrounding the melting, green pumpkin is touch on/off anywhere on the tree.

This spooky tree will add the final touches to your haunted home or sim! As always you may come in-world to view, but you must buy it on the SL Marketplace!

Please note: The tree does not come with background, mountains, rich green ground cover, but you can buy the quartz crystal ground cover at the SL Market place store!