Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fairy Garden Cart

fairy garden cart
According to tradition, when spring arrives so too, do the garden fairies who work their magic to make your gardens bloom and thrive during the renewal of life. This garden cart is full of blooming flowers and have pink and yellow particle fairies flying away to spread their magic over the garden.

This cart is only 48 prims!

Blessed Be.

Easter Flowers Mesh Tulips

easter vase (tulips)
The Easter flower collection is growing at a rapid pace, first the baskets, then the vases. This particular vase features mesh tulips. (You must have a mesh viewer to see this purchase.) The vase has traditional Easter icons and pastel Easter colors. The vase and tulips total 21 prims. This elegant bunch of flowers will look grand on your dinner table, end table, or mantle above your fireplace!

Whatever your decorating needs for the Easter Season, hopefully you will find lovely decorations here at home and garden for petite avatars.

Author's Note: If you read this previously and now are "missing" some of the information about the Easter arrangements, I noticed that the information in this article was repeated, please scroll down for the other flowers that had been featured with the mesh tulips.

Yin and Yang Water Feature

yin and yang
This water feature is home and garden for petite avatar's first commercial build. This lovely yin and yang fountain will look lovely in the middle of your store, place of business, or in an outdoor setting that has flat ground. The fountain has the yin and yang symbol, but instead of the traditional dots on either side, I have place an angel with golden wings and marble on the dark side, set on top of black obsidian. On the opposite side is a dark sith with water coming out from the void of his head, cascading down to its feet to join the water in the pool. The sith is robed in all black obsidian and sits on a sparkly white diamond. The symbol itself is made from an usual marble textured rock. Yin and yang the universe's way of sharing with us that to all light there is dark and to all dark there is light.

This water feature has 12 prims that will not take up much of your prim usage so that you can display your merchandise to your customers, but make your clients feel welcomed and relaxed. The fountain has soft water sound that fade as you walk away from the feature.

Playful Mermaids Fountain

playful mermaids fountain
The playful mermaids fountain feature two sculpted mermaids dancing, tossing waterballs to and from each other, caught frozen in time, the only movement is the water that is spurting up from the font basin. One mermaid has purple scales and the other pink their tails wrap around each other in the frozen playful moment.

This fountain has lovely water sounds and water swirling in the font basin. The fountain has 43 prims. What a lovely addition to your gardens.

Enchanted Crocodile Organic Garden Fountain

enchanted crocodile organic fountain
With Spring just around the corner, home and garden for petite avatars is rolling out our first fountains. This particular fountain is of a ceramic crocodile standing on his hind legs, mouth open, water flowing out of the mouth and nostrils in the the pool below. The pool is surrounded by two sets of rocks, the organic green ones at the foot of the crocodile and another set around the pool in greenish-tan. The rocks are not smooth lending an organic feel to the rocks.
Legends say that when crocodiles cry the tears are enchanted. Tears fall from the emerald eyes of this enchanted beast. On top of the crocodile's head is a bowl of water, which is fed from a spring. This lovely fountain comes with gentle tinkle of water trickling and tinkling. This beautiful garden fountain is only 13 prims. This fountain will make an incredibly beautiful addition to your gardens.

Gold Leaf Garden Bench

gold leaf garden bench

Benches are an important addition to the an elegant garden. This particular bench is for one avatar to sit on and reflect on Second Life, clean out inventories, chat in IM, enjoy the surrounding garden or chat with friends. This bench is the first from home and garden for petite avatars. The back of the bench are leaves and the bench a curling scroll-like curving seat with two round, but different sized legs. The color is burnish gold and when you look closely, you can see decorations in raised relief on the bench texture. This elegant piece comes by itself or you can purchase matching garden lamps with it.

gold leaf garden bench and lamps fat pak
These lamps come also with the gold leaf texture with raised decorations in relief. They are slightly taller than the lamp and glow in the dark adding light to the cozy atmosphere of your garden.

The prims on the bench and all four lamps is only 18, which is low prims with high quality building.

You may also purchase all four of the lamps individually. However, the best buy is the gold leaf fat pack at L$400. Whichever way you prefer to purchase these lovely garden lamps and bench, I know that you will thoroughly enjoy this elegant addition to your garden.