Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gold Leaf Garden Bench

gold leaf garden bench

Benches are an important addition to the an elegant garden. This particular bench is for one avatar to sit on and reflect on Second Life, clean out inventories, chat in IM, enjoy the surrounding garden or chat with friends. This bench is the first from home and garden for petite avatars. The back of the bench are leaves and the bench a curling scroll-like curving seat with two round, but different sized legs. The color is burnish gold and when you look closely, you can see decorations in raised relief on the bench texture. This elegant piece comes by itself or you can purchase matching garden lamps with it.

gold leaf garden bench and lamps fat pak
These lamps come also with the gold leaf texture with raised decorations in relief. They are slightly taller than the lamp and glow in the dark adding light to the cozy atmosphere of your garden.

The prims on the bench and all four lamps is only 18, which is low prims with high quality building.

You may also purchase all four of the lamps individually. However, the best buy is the gold leaf fat pack at L$400. Whichever way you prefer to purchase these lovely garden lamps and bench, I know that you will thoroughly enjoy this elegant addition to your garden.