Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easter Flowers Mesh Tulips

easter vase (tulips)
The Easter flower collection is growing at a rapid pace, first the baskets, then the vases. This particular vase features mesh tulips. (You must have a mesh viewer to see this purchase.) The vase has traditional Easter icons and pastel Easter colors. The vase and tulips total 21 prims. This elegant bunch of flowers will look grand on your dinner table, end table, or mantle above your fireplace!

Whatever your decorating needs for the Easter Season, hopefully you will find lovely decorations here at home and garden for petite avatars.

Author's Note: If you read this previously and now are "missing" some of the information about the Easter arrangements, I noticed that the information in this article was repeated, please scroll down for the other flowers that had been featured with the mesh tulips.