Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yin and Yang Water Feature

yin and yang
This water feature is home and garden for petite avatar's first commercial build. This lovely yin and yang fountain will look lovely in the middle of your store, place of business, or in an outdoor setting that has flat ground. The fountain has the yin and yang symbol, but instead of the traditional dots on either side, I have place an angel with golden wings and marble on the dark side, set on top of black obsidian. On the opposite side is a dark sith with water coming out from the void of his head, cascading down to its feet to join the water in the pool. The sith is robed in all black obsidian and sits on a sparkly white diamond. The symbol itself is made from an usual marble textured rock. Yin and yang the universe's way of sharing with us that to all light there is dark and to all dark there is light.

This water feature has 12 prims that will not take up much of your prim usage so that you can display your merchandise to your customers, but make your clients feel welcomed and relaxed. The fountain has soft water sound that fade as you walk away from the feature.