Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enchanted Crocodile Organic Garden Fountain

enchanted crocodile organic fountain
With Spring just around the corner, home and garden for petite avatars is rolling out our first fountains. This particular fountain is of a ceramic crocodile standing on his hind legs, mouth open, water flowing out of the mouth and nostrils in the the pool below. The pool is surrounded by two sets of rocks, the organic green ones at the foot of the crocodile and another set around the pool in greenish-tan. The rocks are not smooth lending an organic feel to the rocks.
Legends say that when crocodiles cry the tears are enchanted. Tears fall from the emerald eyes of this enchanted beast. On top of the crocodile's head is a bowl of water, which is fed from a spring. This lovely fountain comes with gentle tinkle of water trickling and tinkling. This beautiful garden fountain is only 13 prims. This fountain will make an incredibly beautiful addition to your gardens.