Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gala Opening of the House of Lords BDSM Club

The House of Lords BDSM Club owned by Master Papo Lungu is officially opening on Thursday, July 3 from 5-7 p.m., SLT it is an open invitation to anyone interested in a gothic BDSM Club that is situated on the Isle of Atlantis, which is a volatile volcano in the middle mountain on this little Isle.

The Club features house music when the DJ's are not streaming rock and roll or whatever is requested by our guests and is located on the main floor of the House of Lords Castle. In the gallery above the dance floor is a shopping area so you can shop and dance at the same time!

The dungeons are on the lowest level accessible by stairs or teleporter. The dungeons are separated into two, one being the main play area where not so hard core toys are kept. The other area is where the harder core BDSM toys are stored, separated by a hidden wall. The artwork is on loan from Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery.

On the third floor of the Castle is where the themed rooms are located. We have an Egyptian room that features a bed, throne, and guest chairs made by Exquisite Furnishings. The next room over is the Vampire room featuring the gothic artwork of Outlaw Trading Company also on loan from the Museum.

Outside of these rooms, is a cuddle nook that has contemporary gothic furniture and more vampire artwork. There are four towers on this castle that have been converted into private dance and cuddle areas.

Outside of the castle is the courtyard that seems to have a storm brewing but not quite raining on our parade, featuring 18 stalls for rent by vendors along with the new and improved home of Exquisite Furnishings. If you walk out the courtyard gates, which squeek on their rusty hinges you may observe the river of lava flowing down the mountain and into the sea. On one side is Anarchy Weapons and across the bridge is our sandbox which allows for battle and building all items are returned in five minutes, but this allows you to experiment with the new weapons you just purchased at the store or you can teleport in friends and have a battle royal.

As with many Clubs there are rules, however Master Lungu has only one: respect the collar and those who wear them and have lots of fun at the Club.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to the House of Lords BDSM Club

This week we will be opening the House of Lords BDSM Club. It features a huge dance floor, dungeon, private themed rooms that are available to all at no charge.

In the courtyard are where our main vendors will be located. We hope to see you at the club in the very near future!!

Closure of the Shopping Centre

The time has come to close the shopping centre, however, we are moving to a better local and fantastic atmosphere where we will be rocking out at the House of Lords BDSM Club. The stalls are in the courtyard for rent and we are inviting all of our previous vendors to come and rent from us.

We will be offering a compensation package to those who are with us currently to make up for the inconvenience of having to move. IM Atlantis Jewell for information on this package.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Exquisite Furnishings Annouces New Animations for Its Beds

Master Builder Papo Lungu is very happy to announce that there are new animations in his beds featuring threesome and foursome animations for the discerning customer.

These new poses are in his new Egyptian bed but will be made available in all the beds eventually. These new animations add more options to your menu then ever before.