Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Car Wreck Garden

car wreck garden
A fun decoration for your garden is the car wreck garden. The taxi cab is a wreck but made new as a garden ornament. Flowers are growing out of the front and back seats of the car as well as grass underneath the car, rocks wedged half under the car, as well as a statue of a woman on the other side of the car. In the front of the car is a yellow quartz, matching the yellow cab.

The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and has 54 prims. This is a beautiful use of junk, and it will be a conversation piece with your friends. You will know that you are putting the car down properly when the bottom part of the quartz in the front of the car is in the ground.


Venus's Fountain v.2

after Venus de Milo
This Venus fountain is the second style (v.2) of Venus statuary that I have made into fountains. This one features a Venus after the Venus de Milo, which has her head. This statue has more clothing details as well.

A tinkling water sound comes from water being sprayed from the four corners of the fountain. The strawberry Italian marble makes this a beautiful fountain for any garden. This fountain is partial mesh, and had 19 prims. The fountain is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer.

Double Cherub Fountain with Lion

double cherub fountain with lion
Lions have been a sign of royalty since time began. The combination of cute cherubs and a regal lion is a wonderful combination--the playful with the mark of royalty.

This fountain features tinkling water sounds from the cherubs and a regal lion in the center set on a pedestal. This fountain has 6 prims, strawberry Italian marble, and is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer.

Nike's Fountain

nike, goddess of victory in battle and sports
This is Nike's fountain the goddess of victory in both sports and battle. Nike's lost her head, which gives this fountain a unique look. Nike's fountain is part of the god/goddess's line of fountains.

The fountain features a tinkling water as it sprays from each corner of the fountain, 7 prims, yes copy, no mod, no transfer. The marble is pink Italian marble.

Monday, July 20, 2015

fairy gazebos

style 1

Gazebos are the being made at home and garden for petite avatars. this gazebo is style one (v.1) for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. This small gazebo has a player piano that you can sit on while playing four different songs. This garden gazebo has three benches that six avatars may sit and enjoy your private piano recital. to access the sits is as follows:

If you want to sit on the left of the bench, move your camera so that you are looking at the benches. To sit on the left, touch the column at the left of the bench. To sit on the right of the bench simply touch the bench. all the benches work in this manner.

To access the gazebo, either walk up the steps or click on a bench or the red cushion on the piano bench.

style 2
This fairy gazebo is style version two (v.2). There is only one set of steps that leads to a piano. The piano plays four songs. The pianist may walk up the stairs to before sitting down at the piano or the person can just click on the bench. this gazebo has a lovely canopy that intertwines and has an enchanting design.

This gazebo is made for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. this gazebo is no mod, yes copy, no transfer and has 76 prims.

style 3
This fairy gazebo is the last in the series. this style is version 3 (v.3). Instead of a piano, I have put six pillows on the surface of the gazebo so that you and your friends and enjoy speaking to each other while in a serene atmosphere of relaxation. The pillows have five different sit animations. the sixth animation is a repeat because of the style of pillow used.

The gazebo is no mod, yes copy, and no transfer. although this build is specially made for pocket avatars (.38th of a meter tall). There should be enough room for other tiny and small avatars to use it without a problem.

Contemporary Gazebo

contemporary gazebo

The contemporary gazebo features faceless people as the arches and the framework of the gazebo. This gazebo has four benches that hold three sits each, which equals 12 sitting positions so that you can have your friends over to listen to poetry, reading a book, watch a play or chat. This gazebo is made of varying shades of blue to white marble. The gazebo is no mod, yes copy, no transfer. 

how to access the sits on each bench

Sitting positions explained: 

1. each entrance way arch has a sit attached to it. as you look at the bench, if you want to sit on the left then touch the entrance way arch to your left.

2. each arch behind each bench as a sit attached to it. if you want to sit in the middle, then touch the middle arch.

3. each bench has one sit attached to it. to sit on the right of the bench, click on the bench.

each bench operates in the same way. the attached photo is copyable, so give it to your friends so that they know how your sits work. it will save you from having to explain how to sit on the benches.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Venus's Fountain

venus's fountain
This lovely Venus is set on a platform of green Italian marble. It is sprayed by water jets from every corner and the burbling of a fountain trickles in the background. The water can be turned on/off by clicking on the square basin. This fountain has 9 prims, yes copy, no mod, no transfer. 

Builder's Note: I intend to release a line of god/goddess fountains this year as the holidays come around.

Dragon's Fire

dragon's fire
I fell in love with these dragons. I couldn't resist offering them separately from the butterfly throne. The adorable dragon's breath fire. There are complete with sounds of a dragon inhaling and then exhaling the fire. They have blazing red eyes set beside black scales.

These dragons don't walk but are great for either dark or light faefolk. The dragon's are partial mesh and have three (3) prims. The dragon's are yes copy, no mod, no transfer.

Butterfly Throne

butterfly throne
The most magical throne in second life is the butterfly throne (in my opinion anyhow!) is ready for your queen to sit upon.

close up of the sits and dragon
This throne sits under an arch of living wood, red with stars sits on this throne. However, her most favored of court attendants can sit at her feet on green cushions. Fire breathing dragons flank both sides of this throne. There is a tree nestled in flowering tulips. The tree give a beauty to the throne and your forest home. 
close up of the butterflies
stars and butterflies sitting all over it. The throne has the goddess frozen above your seat. She has beautiful living butterfly wings. Only the queen of the fae sits on this throne, but her most favored court attendants may sit at her feet on green cushions. Fire breathing dragons flank both sides of the throne. There is a matching red-leaf tree behind the throne, which is nestled in a growth of pink tulips.  The view of the throne is breath taking no matter which direction the court of the fae will view it from.
side view
back view
The reddish-pink leaves of the tree and the wild looking trunk lend beauty to the queen's forest and court.

The stunning throne is only 17 prims and is yes copy, no mod, no transfer.

It is my hope that this throne will beautify your faerie court, your majesty!

close up of the dragon, and butterflies at the top of the arch

Updated Retail Items

updated enchanted wiccan garden
I have updated many of my products. If you haven't received a free copy, please drop me an IM or notecard inworld. I will try to respond in a timely manner. It is exciting to update my products for you. I have put yellow tags with the word "UPDATED" on it. This is how you know which ones have been changed to increase the beauty of your garden.

The enchanted wiccan garden was the first product that I built for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. I have updated the sits and the fabric on the pillows. There are now less prims than before!

living faerie garden
The living faerie garden has been updated to reflect a correction on the phantom issues, to have only one entrance/exists, which are at either end of the garden. The sits have been updated and there are less prims in this revised garden.

campfire and fall tree
The campfire and fall tree has been updated. The fall tree is  a different tree altogether. The sits on the bales of hay have been changed. There are less prims than before.
Another fine change is the campfire by itself. The sits are different and there are less prims.

passenger hay wagon
To finish my fall collection I also updated the passenger hay wagon. It is still yes mod, yes, copy, no transfer. There are less prims and all the sits have changed. There is no longer a driver's seat prim, but a kneeling sit in the driver's seat cushion. If you wish to have a driving animation then just delete the kneeling animation in the leather seat cushion and put in your own. The wheels are still made of glass should you wish to make this a vehicle to hook up to your horses or tractor. There are no driving animations in this wagon, which is the same as before.

gold leaf garden bench
The gold leaf garden bench has been updated. It now has two sit animations access either one by clicking on the left or right leaf at the back of the bench. There are less prims in this revised bench.

Additionally, the gold leaf garden bench and lamps have been updated. The lamps are the same, but the bench changed as state above. 

valentine's day love seat
The other garden bench that is updated is the valentine's day love seat. There are less prims and two sits rather than just one. IF you have a problem with the sits not looking right IM me or send a notecard so that I can come to you and fix it with you are a model, unfortunately, I don't know of any pocket avatars that I could ask to help me positions the sits. I used the fabric as a guide. Hopefully, it is successful. However, I will fix it for you, if it's not!

halloween table
All the tables have been updated as well. My favorite table is the halloween table for four. There are less prims. To sit on the chairs, just wave your mouse above the chair and once you see the chair icon, click. 
easter (non-traditional)

The easter table has been updated to have less prims, change of fabrics, and I have linked the place settings together so that placing them on the table is easier and less time consuming. In addition to the basket center piece I have added rabbits statues to either side of the basket. I linked the rabbits to the basket making placing it on the table easier. There are 60 prims in this build, but you can alter that number depending on how many people you are entertaining. The minimum of prims is one place setting, one chair, and the table, which are 13 should you wish to add the center piece add another 13 prims for a total of 26 minimum prims.

traditional easter table
easter couple's table
The traditional easter table is also updated. This table has new chair fabrics and no poseballs. The eating animations have been updated too. The centerpiece has the easter egg basket and the rabbit statues. The place settings are linked and the plates and flatware have new textures. The prims are the same as the non-traditional easter table. The difference between these two tables are the fabrics chosen for the table cloths. The pattern of the tablecloth for the non-traditional table cloth are diagonal and have eggs in the center with a fairy in the middle of the eggs.  The traditional easter tablecloth is easter pastel colors, chickens, tulips, and rabbits running down the center of the cloth as well as a traditionally painted easter egg. The couple's table has been updated to have less prims, different flame on the candle, new candle holder, and it has a FREE bonus: an easter basket that you can choose to use rather than the candle.

valentine's day table
valentine's day couple's table
This table has been updated to have less prims, different tablecloth, different plate, and flatware designs, as well as the place settings are linked together for easier placing. The prims are similar in number to the other tables. To access the sits, wave your mouse over the chairs and click when you see the icon of a chair. The couple's table has been updated as well. It has less prims, a different fire on the candle. The sits have been changed as well.

These products have also been updated at my inworld store too!