Monday, July 20, 2015

Contemporary Gazebo

contemporary gazebo

The contemporary gazebo features faceless people as the arches and the framework of the gazebo. This gazebo has four benches that hold three sits each, which equals 12 sitting positions so that you can have your friends over to listen to poetry, reading a book, watch a play or chat. This gazebo is made of varying shades of blue to white marble. The gazebo is no mod, yes copy, no transfer. 

how to access the sits on each bench

Sitting positions explained: 

1. each entrance way arch has a sit attached to it. as you look at the bench, if you want to sit on the left then touch the entrance way arch to your left.

2. each arch behind each bench as a sit attached to it. if you want to sit in the middle, then touch the middle arch.

3. each bench has one sit attached to it. to sit on the right of the bench, click on the bench.

each bench operates in the same way. the attached photo is copyable, so give it to your friends so that they know how your sits work. it will save you from having to explain how to sit on the benches.