Monday, July 20, 2015

fairy gazebos

style 1

Gazebos are the being made at home and garden for petite avatars. this gazebo is style one (v.1) for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. This small gazebo has a player piano that you can sit on while playing four different songs. This garden gazebo has three benches that six avatars may sit and enjoy your private piano recital. to access the sits is as follows:

If you want to sit on the left of the bench, move your camera so that you are looking at the benches. To sit on the left, touch the column at the left of the bench. To sit on the right of the bench simply touch the bench. all the benches work in this manner.

To access the gazebo, either walk up the steps or click on a bench or the red cushion on the piano bench.

style 2
This fairy gazebo is style version two (v.2). There is only one set of steps that leads to a piano. The piano plays four songs. The pianist may walk up the stairs to before sitting down at the piano or the person can just click on the bench. this gazebo has a lovely canopy that intertwines and has an enchanting design.

This gazebo is made for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. this gazebo is no mod, yes copy, no transfer and has 76 prims.

style 3
This fairy gazebo is the last in the series. this style is version 3 (v.3). Instead of a piano, I have put six pillows on the surface of the gazebo so that you and your friends and enjoy speaking to each other while in a serene atmosphere of relaxation. The pillows have five different sit animations. the sixth animation is a repeat because of the style of pillow used.

The gazebo is no mod, yes copy, and no transfer. although this build is specially made for pocket avatars (.38th of a meter tall). There should be enough room for other tiny and small avatars to use it without a problem.