Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Updated Retail Items

updated enchanted wiccan garden
I have updated many of my products. If you haven't received a free copy, please drop me an IM or notecard inworld. I will try to respond in a timely manner. It is exciting to update my products for you. I have put yellow tags with the word "UPDATED" on it. This is how you know which ones have been changed to increase the beauty of your garden.

The enchanted wiccan garden was the first product that I built for tiny, small, petite, and pocket avatars. I have updated the sits and the fabric on the pillows. There are now less prims than before!

living faerie garden
The living faerie garden has been updated to reflect a correction on the phantom issues, to have only one entrance/exists, which are at either end of the garden. The sits have been updated and there are less prims in this revised garden.

campfire and fall tree
The campfire and fall tree has been updated. The fall tree is  a different tree altogether. The sits on the bales of hay have been changed. There are less prims than before.
Another fine change is the campfire by itself. The sits are different and there are less prims.

passenger hay wagon
To finish my fall collection I also updated the passenger hay wagon. It is still yes mod, yes, copy, no transfer. There are less prims and all the sits have changed. There is no longer a driver's seat prim, but a kneeling sit in the driver's seat cushion. If you wish to have a driving animation then just delete the kneeling animation in the leather seat cushion and put in your own. The wheels are still made of glass should you wish to make this a vehicle to hook up to your horses or tractor. There are no driving animations in this wagon, which is the same as before.

gold leaf garden bench
The gold leaf garden bench has been updated. It now has two sit animations access either one by clicking on the left or right leaf at the back of the bench. There are less prims in this revised bench.

Additionally, the gold leaf garden bench and lamps have been updated. The lamps are the same, but the bench changed as state above. 

valentine's day love seat
The other garden bench that is updated is the valentine's day love seat. There are less prims and two sits rather than just one. IF you have a problem with the sits not looking right IM me or send a notecard so that I can come to you and fix it with you are a model, unfortunately, I don't know of any pocket avatars that I could ask to help me positions the sits. I used the fabric as a guide. Hopefully, it is successful. However, I will fix it for you, if it's not!

halloween table
All the tables have been updated as well. My favorite table is the halloween table for four. There are less prims. To sit on the chairs, just wave your mouse above the chair and once you see the chair icon, click. 
easter (non-traditional)

The easter table has been updated to have less prims, change of fabrics, and I have linked the place settings together so that placing them on the table is easier and less time consuming. In addition to the basket center piece I have added rabbits statues to either side of the basket. I linked the rabbits to the basket making placing it on the table easier. There are 60 prims in this build, but you can alter that number depending on how many people you are entertaining. The minimum of prims is one place setting, one chair, and the table, which are 13 should you wish to add the center piece add another 13 prims for a total of 26 minimum prims.

traditional easter table
easter couple's table
The traditional easter table is also updated. This table has new chair fabrics and no poseballs. The eating animations have been updated too. The centerpiece has the easter egg basket and the rabbit statues. The place settings are linked and the plates and flatware have new textures. The prims are the same as the non-traditional easter table. The difference between these two tables are the fabrics chosen for the table cloths. The pattern of the tablecloth for the non-traditional table cloth are diagonal and have eggs in the center with a fairy in the middle of the eggs.  The traditional easter tablecloth is easter pastel colors, chickens, tulips, and rabbits running down the center of the cloth as well as a traditionally painted easter egg. The couple's table has been updated to have less prims, different flame on the candle, new candle holder, and it has a FREE bonus: an easter basket that you can choose to use rather than the candle.

valentine's day table
valentine's day couple's table
This table has been updated to have less prims, different tablecloth, different plate, and flatware designs, as well as the place settings are linked together for easier placing. The prims are similar in number to the other tables. To access the sits, wave your mouse over the chairs and click when you see the icon of a chair. The couple's table has been updated as well. It has less prims, a different fire on the candle. The sits have been changed as well.

These products have also been updated at my inworld store too!