Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sith Blood Fountain

sith blood fountain
This is a great addition for your garden, castle courtyard, or the foyer of your home, or wherever else you might need a blood fountain!

This fountain is 10 prims (sorry the notecard in the box says 8), but it is 10. It is no mod, yes copy, no trans. This fountain has roiling blood in the base of the fountain along with blood and guts at the bottom. There is a bloody spray coming from the head of the sith raining down on those around. Last, but not least it is surrounded by fog!

The base of the sith is surrounded by spikes trapping evil spirits!

It is my hope that you enjoy this fountain! This fountain can be seen on my haunted demo, oppose of the landing (between the castle and the bridge). Come and see it today!

The trees in the background for the picture above is not included with the sith blood fountain.