Saturday, November 16, 2013

Passenger Hay Wagon

passenger hay wagon
driver sit
A handsome hay wagon to give your petite friends a ride! Hook up your horse or tractor and drive around on a cold fall night! The antique wagon feature seven animations for your friends to use while they chat! The driver's seat has one sit and the hands are positioned so that the reins can be pulled between the hands. The feet are positioned on the floor of the wagon. 

back of wagon sit
The other six sits are passenger sits and feature the right and left arms up. The sit at the back of the wagon is sideways and the passenger's feet are casually propped up on the hay bale opposite and the passenger is leaning back on his or her elbows.

The other than the right and left elbows up on the sides of the wagon is a sit with the legs drawn up and tucked up around the arms. These sits are made by me!

left arm up sit
right arm up sit
As usual you may purchase this wagon from the Second Life Marketplace. The wagon has 19 prims and is yes mod, yes copy, no transfer. I made this modifiable because I wanted you to be able to add your scripts to the wagon and you may take your friends out for the night! The wheels are made of glass so that you don't have to worry about changing the texture of your material before adding the scripts.

The final sit is where the legs are drawn up and the hands resting on top of the knees. This way the legs that are sprawled out opposite on the bales of hay. The legs will not tangle with each other!

It is my hope that you will enjoy the passenger wagon! You may visit my demo area in Second Life to view the builds.

legs up sit