Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gothic Christmas Tree (Indoors)

Gothic Christmas Tree in gothic purple
This Gothic piece of artwork is an awesome Christmas tree to decorate your petite home with. This tree has Gothic purple ribbons, tree skirt, and base for the top piece. Of course there are some Gothic purple, gold, blue, dark blue, green, and pink ornaments to name just a few ornaments on the tree.

The most amazing item on the tree is that it is touch on/off for the small white tree lights and twinkle at you, but you must look at it closely to see this majestic sight!

The indoor Gothic Tree is 90 prim, however, it is fully furnished, but there is room to spare if you want to drop a few more Christmas ornaments on the limbs, however, you cannot link them to the tree as the tree is copy only.

The indoor tree with star on top can only be purchased inworld at my snow dome, which features all my winter wonderland items as well as Christmas trees for the outdoors and snowmen that change colors! The SLurl will take you directly to my snow dome purchase board. If you want to view this tree it is on the second floor of the winter home in snow blown brick walk in, up the stairs or pan in to see this enchanting wonder!