Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easter Floral Arrangements in Easter Vases

mesh daisies and tomato plant in easter vase
Easter table arrangements have taken over my life at home and garden for petite avatars! I thought that if you do not like baskets then putting flowers in to a vase would be a wonderful thing. The mesh daisies and tomato plant are set in a non-traditional Easter vase. The texture is a custom made texture that can only be found at home and garden for petite avatars. This flower arrangement is 20 prims.

toadstools in easter vase
This arrangement has a bit of a mystical quality. There are three toadstools placed in the fairy grass, as if they are hiding a secret. The vase is a traditional Easter texture and is custom made just for you. This floral arrangement will look great on your dinner table or end table of your living room. There are 10 prims in this arrangement. The Easter vases are available on the SLX and inworld on the everyday petite platform.

floxglove in easter vase
Foxglove is a lovely pink flowering plant that is good for your heart! This arrangement comes with a green plant and white flowers. The vase is a traditional Easter pastel colors and icons on the vase. This arrangement is 7 prims. 

easter lilies and eggs in vase

This vase has non-traditional textures, there are lilies and Easter eggs nestled in fairy grass. The lilies are sculpted.

This arrangement has 12 prims.

narcissus with fairy grass in easter vase
Easter would not be complete without the narcissus flower. This flower is one of the first to bloom in the spring. There is fairy grass nestling beside this flower giving it an enchanted quality.

This flower arrangement is sculpted. The vase has non-traditional, custom made textures using traditional Easter pastel colors. There are 13 prims.

narcissus with plants in easter vase

Just in case you do not like fairy grass, I have made a narcissus flower arrangement with a green plant. This comes with a traditional made texture with Easter pastel color choice with traditional easter icons.

This flower arrangement has 11 prims. As with all my hand made items you may purchase them on the SLX or come on inworld and see them in their own setting!