Thursday, February 6, 2014

Easter Dinner Table

Easter dinner table
It is soon to be Easter. I have made a very special dinner table for you and four of your friends to sit at and enjoy Easter dinner together.

The textures for the table cloth, plates, and Easter eggs are all made by me and are only available in my 2014 Easter designs. The table consists of a four legged rectangular table, with four chairs with four different animations, 2 plates with 2 separate designs, one fork, spoon, and knife, and an Easter Egg Basket Center piece. Inside the center piece are Easter eggs sitting on top of Easter egg grass, nestled in fairy grass placed inside a light green wicker basket with a handle.

This delightful table will enhance your Easter Day experience with your SL family and friends. The table can have a maximum of 38 prims, however, how many prims is up to you because it comes with copyable, plates, forks, knives, centerpiece, and chairs. All these items are various prims and how many you put out is up to you!

The Easter dinner table can be found on the SLX or inworld.