Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Flowers Collection -- Tulips

orange tulips
Valentine's Day is almost here and for those of you with sweethearts that do not like roses, but they still want flowers, here is the solutions tulips.

pink tulips
Tulips are beautiful and their colors and dynamic. Give the gift of
white tulips
sweetheart tulips in the shape of a heart. Add a loving touch to your sweethearts garden decor by giving them a tulip flower bed. These tulips are orange and haven't yet bloomed. 

All these floral arrangements are for the outdoors, one prim, yes copy, no mod, no transfer. Remember that you can give the gift directly to your sweetheart by purchasing this as a gift on the SLX. There are four heart-shaped flower arrangements in the tulip collection: orange, yellow, white, and pink.

yellow tulips
Each arrangement have red hearts bursting forth from the center and can be turned on/off with a click.

Give the gift of love and romance with a garden, heart-shaped flowers in tulips.

I wish you and your sweetheart a loving day.