Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exquisite Furnishings, by Papo Lungu

It is very important in Second Life to have furniture especially if the furniture has MLP and a sex generator engine. Most anyone can slap some wood together in Second Life, but making it look good and usable is a completely different story.

Second Life resident, Papo Lungu has the talent for making it look delightfully beautiful, inviting, soft, bold, delicate, and stunning. He has beds are fit for kings and queens or Knights in Shining Armor. Chairs that look so comfortable that you just want to curl up in them and read a book; set in front of a cozy, crackling fires, in larger then life fireplaces and rugs that have beautiful designs that makes you want to run barefoot over.

The store has an eclectic collection of modern and old style furniture, and the best is still to be made and designed. This furniture store is the main vendor at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre, Crystal Cove, Second Life.

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