Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Traffic Information at the Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre

Traffic statistics are the life's blood for any Second Life business, however, the playing field is being evened out between businesses who pay for advertising and those who rely on traffic stats to boost their ratings.

At Atlantis Jewell Creations we are using both blending these methods to boost our traffic. On Sunday our traffic was 2, yesterday 835 and today it is 1638! We anticipate that by the end of the week our traffic will be well over 2,000. This is a good start for a new shopping centre!

Information for vendors: Atlantis Jewell Creations is beginning a major advertising campaigns with the Edge Nightclub to promote the Shopping Mall, the SL Newspaper, and SLUniverise. Please note on the side panel of this blog there is a Traffic information and the date and time of when it was updated!

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