Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Master Builder and A Pharoah

His Royal Highness Pharaoh Cyliss Revnik commissioned thrones for Him and His Queen this week and He conferred the honor on Exquisite Furnishing's Master Builder, Papo Lungu.

Mr. Lungu as in the middle of a build and set aside this project to build magnificent, majestic thrones for His Highness and His Queen.

He began by taking a chair, extending the back to be over 15 meters then he opened up his texture files and began sifting through them to decide which ones would be best for an Egyptian Pharaoh. After rejecting several ones that the interruption of the scene was questionable, Mr. Lungu found the Eye of Ra and a Blue Scarab which he chose for the Pharaoh's and His Queen's Throne respectively. He added these symbols to thee top of the thrones he added Egyptian hieroglyphs to the sides of the thrones and inlaid them with gold. On the front backs of the thrones was placed a sheet of gold, at first it was two pieces and in front of this piece was a plush back, matching the red in of the seats of the thrones, but he decided that the velvet back was not necessary to the build and removed it.

The next item built were the huge chucks of gold block underneath the thrones. He experimented with adding bling to the various gold pieces; however, the scripts did not look good. Undeterred he made specially made prims and put the bling scripts in these prims, made them invisible and added them to the points of the arm rests that curve up the back and forward, so if you stare at the thrones long enough you will see a twinkle of bling in two points on both thrones.

He added gold the under-arm rest, which is on top of the wood, he put a red velvet fabric on the seats, and back of the throne with a ribbing on the top of the back of the throne and under the arm rests. Sitting around the Pharaoh's throne are three pads for his slaves or his favorite concubines, the one directly in front of his throne can disappear so that His Highness does not have to walk over it.

Mr. Lungu asked His Highness to come to his workshop to confirm that the direction he took in the build was proper for the Pharaoh's Palace. The only addition to the build was to make His Highness's throne taller by about three additional meters. Mr. Lungu delivered the thrones to the Palace and they were installed on the Sim where they will remain a proper tribute to a Pharaoh whose build will last forever.

Recently, Her Majesty the Queen added gold inlay to the backs of both thrones. The thrones now sit in two areas of the Palace one in the area where the slaves will be auctioned and one in the main party area of the Palace in-between two statues of Anubis and the thrones will not become lost sitting between these towering statues.

The Palace of the Pharaoh is a fantastic build and will be a place of beauty to visit. They have areas where vendors can sell their goods in the slave market, a dance hall, a semi private swimming pool, a special reception area for VIPs, a promenade deck overlooking the main reception hall, and an invisible door that leads the inter-sanctum of the Pharaoh.

There are fantastic statues of the guardians of the Underworld placed in strategic spots all over the palace.

His Highness had this to say about the thrones build by Mr. Lungu: "Extend my offer to your Master as well with my complete satisfaction with his craft." The offer was to return for the grand opening in two weeks time.

This is the first commission handled by Exquisite Furnishings, however, it is my personal opinion that it will not be the last commission that Mr. Lungu will be offered.