Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate Collar Friendly Silks

The Jewel of Atlantis has its Ultimate Silks Line of silks! There are several types of silks available for purchase. All silks belonging to the Atlantis Jewell Creations are ALL collar friendly. If you wear a BDSM/Gorean collar, your "necklace" will not be knocked off when you put on your folder of clothing. The two types of collar attachments for our "choker" is either worn on the spine or chest.

When you purchase or are given a collar, the default placement for the collar is the spine. Armed with this information Atlantis Jewell Creations has decided that we will be exclusively offering silks exclusively for spine attachments. This means that when purchasing our silks you will never have an attachment on the spine. This will be free at all times as the creator, Atlantis Jewell wears her collar on her spine and is endeavoring to make clothing, collar wearing friendly!!

There are three lines of silks currently available for purchase, the Basic Line of silks for L$125 this line is the only line that has an attachment some silks if you wear your collar on your chest. However, Ms. Jewell welcomes custom orders for those of you who wish to purchase chest friendly silks.

The detail on the Basic Silks are fabulous and textures rich as you can see from the picture on the left. All Basic Silks are Mod/Trans and no copy. The basic line also features Mega-Packs of these silks if you like all of the colors then the mega-packs are for you. These are offered for the spine and chest attachments.

The next step up from the basic line of silks are the rip off silks that can be removed with two rips. These silks sell for L$250. The placement of these silks are only on the spine. We will change them to chest placements for an additional L$50. These silks come in three different lace textures and colors at the present moment. However new designs are being made constantly so if you wish a certain texture is unavailable IM Atlantis Jewell and place a custom order. These silks are also mod/trans and no copy. The two rip off silks are a completely different style in the Basic Line, however, Atlantis Jewell has continued her signature style of adding gemstones to these lovely silks. The lace is delicate and the solid gold armbands offset these pieces, making it scrumptious. The bra is see through so your Master or Mistress can be tantalized by the peek-a-boo play of your nipples. The rip off points are the bra and the skirt.

Next is the Deluxe silks, that have three rip off points. These silks are L$500 and have more attachments and begin featuring lovely rings as an additional piece of beauty for your ensemble. These too, currently come in lace and have lovely gemstones attached to them giving them a rich texture. The rip off points for the Deluxe Silks are the bra, and two skirts. The Deluxe also features hair bows!

The Ultimate Rip Off Silks, features the Ruby Sapphire Silk. The Ultimate Silks take over 12 hours to make. There are nine points that you can remove. There are three skirts that can be worn all at once, without compromising the movement or the spine attachment spot. This silk is made in a luxurious red silk, with Ruby Sapphire precious gemstones. The jewels are attached to various places on the garment. Some spots have a gold spirals hooked onto a solid, gold pyramid and the stone is cradled into the bottom spiral. Additionally, the spirals have silk threaded through them, adding to the beauty of the clothing.

This line now has an additional color the Peach Ssapphire Silk and is featured in platinum. The Ultimate Silks have three skirts, two arm bands, two thigh bands, headband, and a bra that are all rip able and of course, undies, two ankle bracelets, and a chunky jewelled rings. Thankfully all prims when worn on your avatar counts as only one prim! The silks in this line retail for L$1500.

Seeing is believing teleport down to the store, browse and see the beauties for yourselves! The SLurl for the Shopping Centre is: