Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haunted Cemetery

haunted cemetery
Happy Halloween! I hope that your Samhien party is a grand one and with this cemetery to complete your Gothic castle, I am sure it will be wonderful!

There is a sith blood fountain tucked between a blood red tree and blackened tree. This fountain spouts blood while blood pool writhes in the basin. In front of each tree are two poseballs featuring the creepy and spooky tree stump sits. When you sit a scary tree stump appears and the person sitting on the stumps are gored either through the stomach or the mouth while sitting!

Underneath the trees and below the creepy and spooky tree stump poseballs are the bloody tulips ground cover along with dense creepy fog floating over the landscape.

On the opposite end of the graveyard, are three graves, one has a particle hand coming out of it, the other has a heartbeat emanating from the depths of the grave. There are blood red flower laid in front of each gravestone. As one draws close one can hear the heartbeat and lightening snapping at the visitor.

a (bad) simulation of the awesome animation in this cemetery
There are sits between the graves, one called Vlad the Impaler, a face up and down gore, then there is the exorcist standing animation in the corner. A .gif is available to view here should you wish to see the anim. A word of warning: the anim gives only an idea of this wonderful animation, you must come inworld to view it! The center grave is an opened casket with a skeleton sitting in the corner. There are two types of fog, one dense and creepy and the other, is in the shape of a scary faces made from fog...the fog is cursed!!

In the center of the graveyard is a red spiderweb with flashes of black light coming from it, touch this and your guests can dance on the graves of whomever they imagine is buried in the graveyard!

The entire graveyard has dark green ground cover and surrounded by broken fences and two entrances with posts and no gates.

This build has 84 prims is no mod, yes copy, no trans.

Builder's Note: Before you panic after opening the box! There are two sits that were not linked to the cemetery. They are called the "creepy stump sits." When I grabbed the cemetery it inherited the names of the tree stumps sits! (These are positioned near the sith blood fountain end of the cemetery, so when you move the cemetery please be sure to position these poseballs.) So you do actually have the cemetery in the box! Whew!

Disclaimer: The pictures features a castle and woods in the background, these do not come with the cemetery, the bloody tulips featured in the pictures outside the cemetery are not included with the the graveyard, but additional ground cover may be bought separately and it is copy, no mod, no trans. Blood rain does not come with the cemetery!