Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ghoul Rocking Bench

The ghoul rocking bench has a zombie sitting on it. The zombie's guts are falling out and onto the floor. Cockroaches are eating its intestines and every once and a while the roaches run out of the intestines and over the viewer's foot. The bench rocks by itself or an avatar can sit next to the zombie. The bench creaks as it rocks.

In order to make everything work correctly, I had to put the sit in the bench, sounds in the zombie, and the rocking script in an invisible prim underneath the bench. In order to access the menus: right click on the bench and choose sit; next, right click on the bench again and choose rock. The rocker will begin rocking! This bench has sound and to activate the sound click on the zombie. This build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and has 18 prims. The intestines on the floor are separate from the bench so be sure to move the pile of guts when you move the bench. Otherwise, you will find that there are cockroaches infesting something you don't want them in. The intestines that are on the floor are mesh, therefore, I put a "prim" under it so that the prim count is lowered.

The 2015 Halloween season is here and I hope you have an esspecially ghoulish Halloween!