Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elegant Furniture -- Coffin Couches

coffin couches with coffee table
This Halloween season is filled with elegant castles and furniture. The coffin couches are no exception. The set comes with two couches and one coffee table. There are three sits available on each couch. To access them, click the main cushion seat, coffin lid, and then the base of the couches that is wrapped in black and gold studded leather. These couches come in Gothic blue, red, and purple. The coffee table has a skeleton come out from the center of the table. The table legs are also shaped like coffins. The back of the couches are gold studded and have braces to hold up the backs.
gothic purple
This couch is yes copy, no mod, and transfer. It has 17 prims per set. 

The furniture is made especially for the vampire castle, but can be purchased individually or in a fatpak. In the fatapk, all three colors of couches are there with a coffee couch too, I know that you could have copied one coffee table for each of the sets, but I gathered them into my inventory as one set. The fatpaks are
gothic red
L$475 and you save money by purchasing them together rather than individually. The gothic red couch was photographed on the second floor of the vampire castle. The couches are near the grand staircase. These couches are a lovely addition to any castle or gothic home. I hope you like them as much and I do!
fatpak: coffin couches & coffee table