Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elegant Furniture - Casket Couches

casket couches gothic red, blue, and purple
The matching Gothic furniture is made from half a casket and enameled with beautiful metal. The material is quilted and has lovely cushions of crushed velvet. The back of the couch looks like a metal bound casket with it's beautiful metal bindings locking around the bar at the back. The elegant
gothic purple
couch legs compliment the couch. These couches come in Gothic blue, red, and purple.

Each couch has two sits, they can be accessed by the cushions on either sdie fo the couch. These couches are sold separately or in fatpaks.  Individually each couch is L$175, but all three couches are L$475. The couches are yes copy, no mod, no transfer and are
gothic red
22 prims each. The fatpaks have a couch one in each color so that you are buying three casket couches for less than it would be to purchase three individually. The couches are for avatars who are about .38th  give or take several meters on the top and bottom ends of the meter.

fatpak: casket couches
The fatpaks are available on the SLX as well as in my inworld store. The total prims for all three couches are 66, but it depends on how many of these couches you put out at once. The couches are designed to match the vampire castle, which is also released for this Halloween.