Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elegant Furniture -- Circular Couches

gothic blue
This couch matches the other couches in the Elegant Furniture Collection. It has a metal backing and legs with the black leather studded lower couch. The seat is a Gothic blue crushed velvet. The throw pillows around the back of the inside are Gothic green, blue, red, and purple crushed velvet. The fabrics are so sumptuous that you want to really run your hand around on the pillows. The couch
gothic purple
comes in gothic blue, red, and purple. The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and only has 9 prims. There are four sits on this couch. To access the sits, click on either of the green throw pillows as they both have a sit in them as wells as the Gothic purple pillow at the very back of the couch. The other sit is accessed by clicking on the top cushion (the cushion that is either purple, blue, or red). This sit is a kneeling sit at the edge of the
gothic red
front of the couch. The couches sold individually are $175.

This couch also has a fatpak and the fatpak is L$475 and has a total of 18 prims, depending on how many couches are put out at one time. These couches are made for avatars who are about .38th of a meter tall. The pictures of these couches are taken inside the
fatpak: circular couches
vampire castle and are designed for this castle, but whatever home you choose to live this furniture will add elegance to your rooms.